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4 Ad Technologies to Watch and How They Could Impact Your Conversion Rate

The advertising landscape is always changing and shifting. From remarketing to shopping feed optimization, there are always new techniques and technologies that are designed to help us squeeze every drop of promotional goodness from our campaigns. As mobile becomes faster and more pervasive in our lives, so too are intelligent customer data profiling solutions popping [...]

The post 4 Ad Technologies to Watch and How They Could Impact Your Conversion Rate appeared first on The Daily Egg.

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Designing Content for Product Experiences, A December 11 Virtual Seminar

We’re wrapping up the 2014 Virtual Seminar schedule with a presentation from Facebook’s Jonathon Colman – Designing Content for Product Experiences. In this seminar, Jonathon Colman shares a framework he’s using at Facebook, one that anyone can use to build useful, usable content experiences for products. You’ll learn the principles of content strategy for interfaces by […] Continue reading

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Grazia launches responsive ecommerce site: Is it any good?

To understand how works it’s important to realise that the magazine operates on something of a franchise model, so local publishers are licensed to use the brand name.

The ecommerce store is a separate entity run by the business owner, Mondadori Group, and as such it is more of a sister brand to Grazia UK rather than being a bolt-on extension of the magazine.

Graziashop will operate on a drop-shipping model (like a marketplace) where items are sent directly from brands and boutiques to consumers worldwide.

It will sell products from more than 250 brands worldwide, some of which have supplied exclusive collections for the site.

So now we’ve got the explaining out of the way, is Graziashop actually any good?

Read on to find out, or for more on this topic read our posts on Net-A-Porter’s shoppable magazine and Monsoon’s new tablet app called Swoon.

Homepage and navigation

One might expect Graziashop to have a strong focus on fashion content.

From my discussions with the team behind the site I understand that tie-ins with the magazines and additional editorial is something that will come in future, however at the minute it looks like a standard ecommerce site.

The homepage has a mix of specific product suggestions and links to broader categories such as ’10 lust-haves of the week’ or cold weather gear.

Yellow ‘shop now’ CTAs are littered all over the place but there’s only one that says ‘Read & Shop Now’.

But that’s not to say that the content doesn’t exist, it’s just hidden within the nav menus.

Weirdly each of the product categories in the top nav (shoes, bags, accessories) has four columns. Two that are specific to that category (‘shop by’ and ‘designers’), and another two that remain the same across each dropdown (‘trends’ and ‘features’).

The latter two are home to the fashion content, but I was slightly surprised that it remained the same regardless of which product category you’re viewing.


The content itself is fairly thin at the moment, with a few paragraphs of text describing various trends before giving way to ‘shop now’ CTAs.

However Graziashop isn’t trying to recreate the magazine experience so the content doesn’t need to be hugely in-depth.

It allows shoppers to get a brief overview of the latest trends before giving them a few relevant product suggestions.

Even the ‘Grazify Yourself’ video presented by Grazia UK’s fashion editor remains pleasingly brief at just 58 seconds, while the accompanying text runs to fewer than 250 words.

Category and product pages

The category pages are clean and simple with plenty of white space. 

Users are given four different filter options (designer, category, colour and price), which isn’t bad but there’s definitely space for a few more to aid product selection.

The product pages are quite basic and would benefit from some additional features to encourage conversion.

For example, some of the items I viewed only had two product images which really isn’t enough. Also, there are no product reviews or videos, and the descriptions are extremely brief.

Shipping costs

One fairly major problem with Graziashop is that it’s hugely difficult to find out shipping costs.

If you go to the ‘shipping’ page it directs you to the DHL site to find the costs for delivery to your location. However after selecting UK from the dropdown menu it asked me to login, which was when I lost interest.

Hidden shipping costs are a major cause of basket abandonment so this is something that Graziashop needs to fix.

The good news is that shipping costs are displayed at the shopping basket, but at £9 for one jacket it’s not exactly cheap.


We’re always harping on about offering a decent guest checkout, and Graziashop has followed this advice to the extreme.

Shoppers are automatically directed to the guest checkout where returning customers can login if they spot the tiny text link at the top of the page.

Overall the checkout process ticks many best practice boxes: it’s enclosed, there’s real-time error checking, a progress bar, and form filling is kept to a minimum.

It’s obviously not perfect though and could be further improved with a postcode lookup tool and additional security symbols.

In conclusion…

Overall Graziashop is a decent first iteration, however it certainly feels like a work in progress so I expect it to be altered and upgraded in the coming months.

This is no bad thing (we’re currently going through the same process at Econsultancy) and the developers will be able to improve the site based on user feedback.

Some of the improvements are basic things like user reviews, product imagery and more visibility on shipping costs, so it shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

Another aspect of the site worth mentioning is ‘Fashion Stories’, which allows users to create shoppable moodboards.

It’s effectively a mini social network within the Graziashop site and I’ll investigate it further in another post.

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8 Tactics of High Converting Ecommerce Sites

If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution, how about sharpening your CRO skills (conversion rate optimization)? Rich Page, author of Website Optimization: An Hour A Day has a new 31-day CRO video course, and is offering Get Elastic readers a $50 discount (use code CROelastic50 in checkout). I asked Rich to share with us […] Continue reading

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Take Your Content Marketing to New Heights (Infographic)

Content marketing requires a unique type of investment. With most outbound marketing, the investment is cost related. But with inbound marketing, while there are costs, the biggest investment is time. Content marketing is a process and typically requires a good amount of work until you see meaningful results. But don’t let that deter you. As […] Continue reading

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Looking for Another Amazing Web Developer Intern

We’re looking for an amazing Web Developer Intern for a paid, 6-month internship. It starts in January 2015 in our offices just north of Boston. Fast Forward Six Months… We’d like to thank you for doing a fantastic job as our 2015 Winter/Spring Web Developer Intern. You’ve excelled at maintaining, editing, and documenting our stable […] Continue reading

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When to Use Toggle Buttons

Users can get frustrated if they can’t find a specific action on your website. They experience this when you hide actions in dropdown menus. One context where this often happens is sorting content. Continue reading

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Designing for Empathy: Q&A with Karen Cross

Karen Cross, Design Manager at Atlassian, recently presented a webinar with us about designing enterprise products with empathy for the user. Today’s Q&A post is a follow-up to the webinar. Enjoy! Q: For those who haven’t watched it yet, what were … Read More Continue reading

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Can Split Testing Wreck Your Google Ranking?

Put down your pitchforks and torches… I’m not saying you should stop split testing. But I am saying that there are a few “red flags” that a split test can inadvertently throw up if you’re not managing or monitoring it correctly. It’s a fine line you have to walk if you do both conversion optimization […] Continue reading

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Comparing Popular Layer-Based and Code-Based Prototyping Tools

November 25, 2014

I recently had an opportunity to research prototyping tools for my company, Smule, which makes a slew of mobile music apps that let users create their own content. The company has grown quite a bit, and is taking on more ambitious features, leaving designers and engineers less time for prototyping. This is why I’m on a mission to find a perfect prototyping tool that meets the need of all the product designers at my company.

In my last article, I reviewed popular page-based prototyping tools for making mobile interactive prototypes. Page-based prototyping tools are easy to use and…read more
By Bona Kim


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10 Exceptional Posts From Our Partners—Because We’re Thankful for Being Part of Such an Excellent Industry

From customer engagement to personalization, mobile optimization to storytelling with data, the testing and optimization industry has never been so exciting. This is a testament, in large part, to the amazing efforts of our many partners. Each one is working hard to expand the capabilities, scope, and adoption of testing methodologies, platforms, and practices. So, instead of […]

The post 10 Exceptional Posts From Our Partners—Because We’re Thankful for Being Part of Such an Excellent Industry appeared first on Brooks Bell.

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The Evolution of SEO [Infographic]

then-and-now-scrapbook-old-photosGreat marketers are always on their toes, keeping up with the news, anticipating and adapting changes as they happen. 

SEO is no exception: According to Moz, Google changes its algorithm 500-600 times per year. With so many updates happening so often, even the most diligent marketers can miss an important release or two.

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Dazzle Your Website Visitors with Personalization: what we can learn from

Read any article about how Amazon is able to dominate ecommerce (like this one in Forbes), and you will likely see a mention of personalization.  In fact, Lisa Utzschneider, Amazon global vice president of digital advertising said, “When we think about advertising, it’s about personalization. The personalization and recommendation engine is the backbone of ourContinue Reading »

The post Dazzle Your Website Visitors with Personalization: what we can learn from appeared first on Get Smart Content.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Place Of Pain In Conversion Optimization

Pain, as the New York Times reported, is “the secret of neuromarketing.” And apparently it is a well-kept secret, because there are very few conversion optimizers discussing the place of pain or how to apply it strategically and ethically. I came up with just a couple mentions of it….

Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Continue reading

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Careers in Testing & Optimization: November 25, 2014

As a result of frequent requests from our friends in the industry, we’re using our blog to help find the most talented analysts, strategists, developers, designers and managers in testing and optimization. Every week, we find and post the best career opportunities at companies ranging from ecommerce to subscription services to media. Companies hiring now: […]

The post Careers in Testing & Optimization: November 25, 2014 appeared first on Brooks Bell.

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