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Now See AdWords ROAS In Google Analytics

AdWords advertisers can now see Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from their campaigns in Google Analytics. ROAS will replace the Return on Investment and Margin metrics that were previously available in Analytics. Return on ad spend metric calculates the amou… Continue reading

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Win This Book (Again)! Drawing Ideas

September 18, 2014

Earlier this year, we gave away a couple of copies of Drawing Ideas in a contest that challenged our readers to come up with a design problem that authors Mark Baskinger and William Bardel could explore with a sketch. We’ve got two more copies to give away, and this time Mark and William would like to see what you can draw. Their challenge:

“Show us where wearable technology is headed and what kind of ecosystem it will exist in.”

Submissions must be drawn by hand and tell a good story. Winners will be selected by the authors and will receive a print edition of Drawing Ideas along with a stencil from UI Stencils. Winning sketches will also be published in UX Magazine…read more
By UX Magazine Staff


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Google Analytics Gives App Marketers Audience Insights And In-App Remarketing Capabilities

Google continues to build out solutions for app marketers. The latest move is to provide the audience and interest data and remarketing capabilities already available to web marketers in Google Analytics. The new in-app audience demographics reporting … Continue reading

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Enhance Your Creativity Through Analytics

Think data analysis and creativity are mutually exclusive? Contributor Brian Massey explains how the two can and should work together.

The post Enhance Your Creativity Through Analytics appeared first on Marketing Land.

Please visit Marketing Land f… Continue reading

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3 Tips to Optimize a Content Offer in Professional Services

So after a great deal of hard work, you’ve managed to get the right piece of content in front of exactly the right audience. Congrats! But don’t pat yourself on the back for too long, because that’s not the end of the story. What happens after a visitor reads your blog post or watches your [...]

The post 3 Tips to Optimize a Content Offer in Professional Services appeared first on The Daily Egg.

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Top 10 Takeaways From Content Marketing World 2014

Contributor Arnie Kuenn sums up the most surprising, enlightening and actionable tips gathered at this week’s event.

The post Top 10 Takeaways From Content Marketing World 2014 appeared first on Marketing Land.

Please visit Marketing Land for the fu… Continue reading

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7 Common Grammar Myths You’ll Never Fall For Again

grammar-myths-eraserAlthough none of us are perfect, spelling and grammar matter in marketing. (And sales, too.) Consistently correct grammar makes your content more credible and could impact its performance, too. Just look at what happened to NBC.

But there’s a lot of conflicting advice out there

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How to Actually Be Productive While Working From Home

working_from_homeWorking from home is awesome … right up until the cat throws up on your computer.

And your neighbor — who you can only assume is building a time machine — starts firing up all sorts of power tools and noisy machinery across the street. 

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Search Marketing: How a simple copy change increased conversion 21%

PPC ads are often a missed opportunity when it comes to utilizing paid search as a channel. Read about how a recent PPC ad experiment can show you how to better use testing and optimization to help you understand your customers’ needs and ultimately help you build a deeper connection with your customers. Continue reading

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Storytelling Through the Category Page

When you think of storytelling in an online store, what comes to mind? Product page copy? Embedded video? Blogs? Look-books? Certainly not on the utilitarian category page… But I found a fantastic example of storytelling right in the category results page on, under its 13 Things feature. The page features several collections of “13 […] Continue reading

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UIEtips: Selecting Typefaces for Body Text

Choosing the body content font type for your web site is no easy task. With so many choices, how do you know if what you have is the most eye catching, aesthetically pleasing, and meets accessibility standards? Tim Brown to the rescue with today’s UIEtips article, Selecting Typefaces for Body Text. If you’ve ever wished […] Continue reading

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Enhanced Google Analytics Audience Capabilities Come to Apps

Good news for mobile app developers: Audience Demographics and Interests Reporting and Remarketing are now available for apps in Google Analytics.  Just one of the improvements for audience segmentation and remarketing we’re announcing today, these changes should make it even easier for all our advertisers to reach their high-value customer segments. 
In-App Audience Demographics Reporting and Remarketing
Good analytics are especially important to app developers. At Google I/O, Hovhannes Avoyan, the CEO and Founder of PicsArt , had this to say: 
“We need analytics to help us understand who our users are, how they interact with our application, how our application performs. With all that knowledge, we want to apply different monetization strategies to different kinds of users.” 
Now developers can see just how different user segments engage and monetize with In-App Audience Demographics Reporting
And it’s more than just data. Analysts and developers can blend audience demographic and behavior data into detailed audience lists to be targeted with in app remarketing campaigns. In short, all the great remarketing capabilities for Google Analytics users on the web are now available for apps as well.
New In-App Audience Demographics Reporting
Segmentation and remarketing lists get an upgrade
Creating remarketing lists for apps and web is now even easier with recent upgrades to both segmentation and audience building. A streamlined creation flow for creating audiences allows users to go from segment to audience within clicks (plus a few bonus admin features like list renaming and automatic list sizing).
New Audience Builder Experience, now supporting App lists
If you prefer to stand on the shoulders of remarketing giants, Analytics power users have developed and shared audience definitions that import via template links or from the solutions gallery. This simplifies things dramatically for new users. A process that could be complicated and time-consuming can now be done with 6 clicks in under 1 minute. Give it a try: import our Engagement Pack of Core Remarketing Lists.
On the segmentation side, users have told us they wanted segments to be more discoverable, easier to manage, and more intuitive to build. We’ve been listening, and have made interface improvements, adding a simple “Add Segment” button within reports, a new segment-selection interface, hover-over segment definitions, and a 1-click action dialogue to Share, Edit, Copy, Remove, or Remarket to a segment. 
New Segmentation Experience: fewer errors for better analysis
Measure remarketing performance with the new Display Targeting report
Once you’ve found a segment, created an audience, and activated your remarketing campaign, close the loop by measuring the performance of those audiences across all remarketing campaigns . Enter the new Adwords Display Targeting report in the Acquisition section to see all your active remarketing lists, along with impressions, spend, behavior, and conversion rates under the “Interests and Remarketing” tab.
New Remarketing List Performance in Display Targeting Report
You can learn how to update your SDK to enable these features in our Help Center or get started now by creating some remarketing lists. We hope that these improvements make your audience segmentation and remarketing– in apps and on the web– more intuitive and more effective. We’d love to hear from you! Please leave questions or feedback in the comments, and stay tuned for more audience-related improvements. 

Posted by Dan Stone, Product Manager, and Kanu Singhal, Technical Lead from the Google Analytics Audience Team

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Marketing in 2014: David Meerman Scott & Brian Halligan on What’s Changed

watering-flowers-flowerA lot’s happened in the marketing world in the last few years. Social networks have gone even more mainstream, Vine’s become a thing, Twitter’s made analytics available for everyoneGoogle’s algorithm has changed (several times … no surprise there), and we’ve watched the prevalence of inbound marketing grow and grow.

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CASE STUDY: Shoe Retailer Snatches 6.8% of Users From Path of Abandonment

Guided by a mission to “constantly challenge, innovate and deliver new and better ways to shop,” set out to offer Canadians the best online shoe-buying experience possible. Since launching their online store in 2012, the company has quickly become one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies. Image Source Now offering over 180 brands, ShoeMe’s busy shopping […]

The post CASE STUDY: Shoe Retailer Snatches 6.8% of Users From Path of Abandonment appeared first on The Rooster Blog.

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Why Banks Need to Revamp their User Experience

September 17, 2014

The most interesting things happening in financial services are not happening in financial services. Thanks to a slew of new and older digital apps and websites, such as Apple Pay, Venmo, Square, Mint, and PayPal, kids can borrow money from their parents via text message or sign for a pizza delivery (including tip) on their phones. Families can use analytic tools to drill down through their own financial data to see where their money goes and how to cut spending. These tools have made every aspect of financial management—including transfers, payments—incredibly intuitive and easy.

Unfortunately, the financial services sector got left behind when the digital revolution hit. Now they need to catch up.

Since automatic teller machines were first rolled out in the 1960s, followed by internet banking in the 1990s and mobile banking in the late 2000s, consumers…read more
By Rich Berkman


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