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Will the Apple Watch Be a Hit or a Dud?

Apple is expected to show off the highly-anticipated Apple Watch at an event on March 9. With wearables already on the market and not catching on with the masses, some are arguing this product launch will be a flop. Can … Read More Continue reading

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Brad Frost – Building Responsive Interfaces From Atomic Elements

A website can be made up of relatively complex pieces. You have multiple pages, images, maybe some JavaScript, and it all needs to come together to create this larger experience. But as with things in nature, it can be broken down even further than that into more “atomic” elements. Continue reading

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5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of March 2

Building trust among customers is important—but data breaches don’t help. Managing ever-expanding databases of sensitive customer information has become a priority for the world’s biggest businesses, but these precautions are now necessary for organizations of all sizes. Read the rest: Value your customer data. Here are four more A/B testing and conversion optimization articles (plus […]

The post 5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of March 2 appeared first on Brooks Bell.

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Is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) a Dead End?

April 9, 2015 will be the first annual International Conversion Rate Optimization Day. April 9 is also my 45th birthday. I’ve invested almost half my life evangelizing for conversion rate optimization (CRO). I should be thrilled but instead I find myself asking: is CRO, as it is practiced today, a dead end? The good news […]

The post Is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) a Dead End? appeared first on Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg.

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CUA of the Month – March 2015: Jeff Werness

Building Full UX Power

Jeff Werness is HFI’s CUA of the Month for March 2015. “There has been a fundamental shift from treating digital as a new advertising medium to digital being intrinsic to the human conversation. A big change occurred when we started to move into digital and understand that it is all about giving the customers what they want and need, whether they expressed it or not.” Read the entire…

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How to Optimize Your Product Pages for Higher Conversion Rates

Ahh, the product page. Often a combination of a little customization and a lot of programming, many of them don’t differ much from whatever options were available out-of-the-box with their chosen shopping cart system. And that’s unfortunate, since it’s often where crucial decisions are made on whether to check out or abandon the cart. So [...]

The post How to Optimize Your Product Pages for Higher Conversion Rates appeared first on The Daily Egg.

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Content Marketing Success Now Depends On Your Own Website And UGC

Columnist Jordan Kretchmer discusses the evolving content marketing landscape, touting the benefits of aggregating and curating user-generated content.

The post Content Marketing Success Now Depends On Your Own Website And UGC appeared first on Market… Continue reading

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Is CRO a Dead End?

Is conversion rate optimization, in its current state, truly a sustainable and effective strategy?

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Avoid 3 Common Technology Traps and Boost Conversions

Technology is your friend.

That’s what marketers say after they employ a largely tech-driven tactic that provides some lift. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the end of the story. Often, things that look simple — e.g., implementing pop-ups to capture email addresses for remarketing or enabling promo codes — can have unintended consequences. If you don’t think through the usability impact or downstream conversion effect, technology-driven improvements will often cause tough-to-diagnose pains down the line.

Therefore, it’s better to be prepared. When implementing one of these tactics, it’s better to think through implementation pitfalls before execution, start small, and test your way in. Here are a few areas where you have to be especially careful:

1. The pop-over trap

Look, pop-ups can work. They can work really well. It’s actually because they have so much potential that a lot of marketers overextend how pop-ups are supposed to be used.

The problem starts when marketers use pop-ups to get email addresses very early on, usually through a discount or featured product campaign. This is, of course, a technology play. If you have the email address associated to a visit, you can do a range of interesting things:

  • ensure visitors can come back to a cart without starting over, if they get that far; and/or
  • remarket to a person if he or she leaves the site without completing a transaction.

Those are both nice to have in the bag — after the visitor does some actual visiting. The problem with how this tactic is being used is that the pop-ups usually launch within two seconds of the visit. That’s before the visitor has had to make sense of the navigation or scan the content to see if what he or she needs is available.

There are two key issues here. The first one is about attention to the task. When someone is considering whether your site has what they need, the last thing you want to do is get in the way and call attention to something else. The second one is segmentation and personalization. Two seconds in, you rarely have enough information to create a compelling offer.

How to spring the trap: Test pop-ups after a few decisions have been made by the visitor, and start small by implementing on page exit or on cart abandonment pop-up plays. Getting that email is key, but not at the expense of losing a visitor.

2. The personalization trap

There’s no shortage of ink spilled on personalization in today’s omnichannel, mobile-enabled world. And of course, there are a few key ones almost everyone agrees on. Nobody’s going to argue that you don’t need responsive web design, a mobile version or both for different devices, or that you don’t need to serve locally relevant content when you serve multiple territories.

However, that’s the baseline. You can take personalization a lot further than this. For example, you can serve different content for people with different roles — assuming you have the data from a form fill — or, with data, move around page and navigation elements based on past behavior. Here’s the rub: while most companies salivate over this functionality, it rarely leads to good outcomes.

Personalization can work for simple tasks that don’t change over time, but almost everything else isn’t mature enough to use right now.

How to spring the trap: Only add personalization features when you have a significant volume of data, and when users don’t need to do any extra work — e.g.,’s book recommendations

3. The promo code trap

It’s not just complex stuff like personalization that can get in the way of a conversion; sometimes, it’s the little things like promo codes that get in the way. Usually, promo codes work out great — that is, unless you put them in front of a visitor who, just 10 seconds ago, was ready to buy from you.

What happens when you do that is that the visitor fees like he or she is missing out on a deal, and someone you previously had a conversion lock on will flee, looking for that promo code, likely never to return.

How to spring the trap: If at all possible technology-wise, don’t display the promo code box for everyone. Show the box pre-populated for people who qualify, or remove the box and make the discount code more subtle so you don’t get in the user’s way.

Despite all this, technology is your friend — you just need to know to watch it closely. This is doubly true when you’re working with pop-ups, content management systems with personalization enabled or campaigns with promo codes.

This article originally appeared in Tim’s Retail Online Integration column February 25, 2015

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Customer Acquisition vs Retention [Infographic]

This week’s infographic hones in on customer acquisition vs. retention, courtesy of Invesp Consulting. Tweetables 44% of companies have a greater focus on customer acquisition vs 18% that focus on retention Tweet this Only 40% of companies and 30% of agencies have an equal focus on acquisition and retention Tweet this 89% of companies see […] Continue reading

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We Crowdsourced Answers to 7 Lead Gen Landing Page Questions (#CROchat)

In our recent #CROchat, we asked Oli Gardner and our community members how they appeal to prospects on their lead gen landing pages. If you missed the live chat, not to worry. We’ve rounded up the biggest knowledge bombs that were dropped. Continue reading

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Personas Make Users Memorable for Product Team Members

A persona is a fictional, yet realistic, description of a typical or target user of the product. A persona is an archetype instead of an actual living human, but personas should be described as if they were real people. When based on user research, personas support user-centered design throughout a project’s life cycle by making […] Continue reading

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How to Get Your Ideas to Stick

There’s an adage that goes: Ideas are easy, execution is hard. Everyone can create ideas for new businesses, new companies, new products, and new marketing campaigns. But executing on the idea – not just making it a reality, but making it successful, is the hard part. In 2007, the Heath Brothers helped us all out […] Continue reading

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Case Study: WordPress Theme Optimization

This article tests the benefits of optimized WordPress themes and hosting. Switching to a fast WordPress theme and optimizing hosting improved page load time by 74% and start render by 83.4%.
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101 Experiences You Can Test with UserTesting’s Mobile Recorder

UserTesting was once restricted to digital experiences on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets, otherwise known as “device testing.” But not anymore! With UserTesting’s new mobile recorder, you can now test user experiences that involve non-digital experiences, products, and places. By … Read More Continue reading

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