usabiliTEST┬áis a technology company, conceived by a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA), who saw a need to empower web developers and designers alike. Using usabiliTEST’s tools to collect relevant user data, can help you make critical decisions and lay a solid foundation for your web site’s information architecture and design.

Card sorting can help you build the structure for your web site, decide what to put on the home page, and label the home page categories. It also helps to ensure that you organize information on your site in a way that is logical to your users. User-centric design increases customer satisfaction, which often leads to repeat business.

Task Prioritization Matrix is a useful technique you can use with your current or potential customers or with your team members to achieve consensus about an issue. The Matrix helps you rank tasks by a frequency and importance criteria. Then you can more clearly see which issues are the most important to work on solving first.

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