TuningEngine by SiteTuners

Non-parametric tuning is the most powerful landing page optimization method available. SiteTuners is the only company to offer non-parametric tuning via its TuningEngineSM technology, which is designed for very large tests in high-traffic environments. This proprietary method is available from SiteTuners as part of a full-service landing page optimization engagement, or through technology licensing for interactive agencies or companies that want to run in-house landing page testing programs.

It routinely handles tests with over 1,000,000 possible site versions (“recipes”). This allows the client to test all important website elements at once, instead of having to wade through a series of smaller tests to get results. Variable interactions are also handled by this method – leading to the best possible conversion improvements.

TuningEngineSM engagements proceed in two stages. During the Tuning Stage the TuningEngineSM zeroes-in on which recipe is the best performing one. After finding the needle-in-a-haystack this recipe is designated as the “challenger”. In the Challenge Stage we simply conduct a head-to-head test of the challenger against the original site (also called the “baseline”). There is no client involvement required during the test. You simply get the right answer at the end, along with the supporting audit trail.

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