Analytics ToolKit

Unique Google Analytics Tools

Many of the tools in this Toolkit are without equivalent. Even when some of the things they do can be accomplished manually through the Google Analytics interface they are unrivalled in terms of work speed and ease of use. Not to mention that some of them will allow you to use Google Analytics in ways that you can’t unless you use the Google Analytics API, for example our Cost Data Import Tool.


The most advanced analytics platform ever for mobile and the web. The most flexible way to slice & dice your data. And it’s real-time.

  • Segmentation: The most flexible way to slice and dice your data. And it’s real time.
  • Funnel Analysis: The most flexible, easy-to-use, and beautiful way to improve your conversions.
  • Retention: Visitor retention is the best way to tell how valuable your application is.
  • Integration: It takes less than 10 minutes and is incredibly simple.

Sum All

We’re big data for small business. View revenue, units sold, discounts, taxes and shipping all in one secure and convenient place. Compare this to your website traffic, your social activity or your payment data. No spreadsheets, no exports, no problem. Gain valuable customer insights: Filter your sales data into new and returning customers. Understand your revenue mix instantly.

Net Factor VisitorTrack

Now automatically convert the anonymous “clicks” to your company’s site into actionable web sales leads – without any Visitor registration action. Our proprietary technology for B2B Lead Generation captures the identities of these Visitors in a completely unobtrusive way. With VisitorTrack® you’ll receive the most detailed visibility into the anonymous business Visitors to your website available anywhere.

Net Results

Net-Results delivers a real-time lead management solution for organizations and provides deeper data analysis than any other solution. This allows sales and marketing teams to uncover hidden opportunities, accurately identify decision-makers, and deliver powerful, targeted, real-time responses and offers to potential customers.

Net-Results was founded in 2003 with the goal to revolutionize lead management by creating a collaborative platform that delivers significant value to sales and marketing professionals of any sized organization. Headquartered in Golden, Colorado, our worldwide team of employees and partners are dedicated to our customers’ success.

Excellent Analytics

Excellent Analytics is a simple Excel plug-in that lets you import web analytics data from Google Analytics into a spreadsheet. It’s an open source project and 100% free to download and use for individuals and businesses. Ampliofy generously donates development time to keep Excellent Analytics free. If you want to support Ampliofy’s efforts, please considerExcellent Analytics Pro, the paid edition of Excellent Analytics, offering more automation.

Next Analytics

Build Custom Dashboards in Excel. Join the 1000’s of users who discovered how to make dashboards Faster to Build, Easier to Maintain, Easier to Refresh. Don’t send web analytics metrics to business users. Convert web data into something they understand and need including: trends, patterns, and outliers, and compare current to prior periods, multi-site, multi-fan page, multi-profile, budgets to actuals.

Next Analytics offers a superior way to build and deploy custom analytics reports

  • Runs inside Excel – no need for import
  • Industrial quality queries and pre-built widgets let you assemble custom reports
  • Re-usable dashboards for multi-site
  • You have complete control over how it looks, even add your own logo!
  • Zero-touch fully automated data refreshes
  • We offer full service and support. You can build your own or you can ask us to build it for you.

Analyze all Your Traffic in Seconds. Collect and analyze your web traffic for all your sites in real-time using our fast, reliable, hosted system. See overview data for all your sites on a single page.

The thing we desired most when building was a quick, simple overview of all our sites, in one place. We were tired of remembering multiple logins, installing and updating software for each of our sites, or digging through the heap of information Google Analytics provides.