iPerceptions’ mission is to revolutionize web analytics by fully democratizing the voice of the online customer. In the web environment, people can speak for themselves, and iPerceptions ensures that they are heard at the highest decision making levels.
iPerceptions was founded in 2000 with a simple yet noble goal: to help improve and optimize websites by tapping into the feedback of real customers in the context of actual online experiences. Since then, the company has grown to the point where its survey data provides indispensable insights to a growing list of leading companies. Along the way, iPerceptions has brought forward major innovations in the areas of online surveying, real-time reporting, and open-ended text analysis.


Usabilla is a web-based usability testing tool that allows marketers, analysts, designers and usability experts to collect visual feedback on their website in a quick and fun way. Participants answer questions with points and notes on top of a webpage, mockup, or sketch. The results of a survey are analyzed and presented visually with charts and heat maps. Usabilla’s customers use these visual insights to improve their user experience and optimize their website.

Flash Feedback

Flash Feedback is an online research product offered by Client Opinions, Inc. a leader in the field of online research solutions since 2003. Our online research solutions provide organizations with the facts to make market-driven decisions, anticipate problems, capitalize on opportunities and expand business growth.

Flash Feedback™ is a powerful, yet simple, tool that allows website visitors, customers and prospects to provide feedback 24/7. Gather feedback on your website, product, marketing, shopping cart, customer service, brand or other areas of your business. Improve the user experience, increase conversions and generate more online business.


Ethnio is a tool that you use to recruit participants for research from your web site live, instead of scheduling them in advance. After activating your screener, people will fill it out, and you can see their responses within SECONDS. You can then contact them immediately and observe real behavior from qualified participants. Ethnio acts as a hub, allowing you to easily take your recruits and connect them with other research tools such as GoToMeeting for screen sharing or Usabilla for automated research. See detailed reports about the kinds of recruits you are getting.

Easy Usability

EasyUsability.com is a team of talented professionals dedicated to helping people and companies improve their websites. We strongly believe the fastest, easiest, most effective way to improve your results is to get direct feedback from real, live potential customers. What better way to find out what they like about your site, what they don’t like, and what causes them to leave, than by asking them directly?


Chartbeat is a revolutionary real-time analytics service that enables people to understand emergent behaviour in real-time and exploit or mitigate it. Chartbeat launched in April 2009 and is used by some of the most popular sites on the web including the Onion, Mahalo, Pitchfork, and DailyKos. Based in New York, the team is led by General Manager Tony Haile and is part of betaworks, a media company focused on the real-time web and social media. The best way to understand Chartbeat is to try the demo or take a tour. Customer testimonials can be found in our buzz section.

Ask Your Target Market

We give you the tools to write surveys and send them to your ideal target market segment of our proprietary US consumer panel, or to your own list. We deliver your responses in a matter of hours and help you to understand the data.

Until now, reliable market research was out of reach for almost everyone except corporate giants. Not only was research expensive and time-consuming, it required in-house or outside expertise to develop, analyze and present in a way that everyone could understand and act on.

AYTM’s break-through technology and proprietary, nationwide consumer panel have changed all that. Now companies of all types can access powerful, state-of-the-art market research using our turnkey, easy-to-use and affordable online system.

Now, you can make confident business decisions based on facts and consumer insight.