Hyperdog Media

Hyper Dog Media is a professional Search Engine Optimization Agency located in Denver, Colorado. We help small, medium and large organizations gain increased ranking and qualified targeted traffic. Our SEO Services are a cost effective way to secure quality customers – customers that are searching for your website right now. We help increase your website’s:

  • Accessibility: Search Engines must be able to view the pages of your website.
  • Relevance: Use phrases your customers are searching for, in the right places.
  • Popularity: Your site needs descriptive links from quality traffic sources.

Inbound Writer

With InboundWriter, you can easily discover what interests your target audience today by exploring what words they are using when searching for content or while sharing content via social media. Just provide InboundWriter with a few words and websites that relate to the topic you are writing about. InboundWriter then scours major search engines, popular social media sites and specified competitive websites to determine words and phrases directly relevant to your topic of choice.

Based on this real-time research, InboundWriter recommends the best words that will increase your content popularity and competitiveness for each specified topic. The current popularity of the recommended keywords, as determined by search or share volume, is presented in real-time to help guide your content strategy.

To help you in your quest to reach more readers, InboundWriter also provides you with specific guidance on which words and phrases to use to improve content popularity, as well as how to best structure your online content for maximum visibility. The Interactive Editor lets you experiment with different words and writing strategies and observe in real-time how your content score changes based on your word choices, content structure and other criteria.

InboundWriter enables you to write compelling content to engage today’s social audience – and let you do so securely from any browser.