Every day, thousands of websites worldwide go uncared for simply because it is hard, dangerous, and cumbersome to manage a website. On the other hand, thousands of talented developers never get a chance to present their innovative solutions to site improvements because it is just too damn complicated. We hope we can solve this with the SiteApps platform. SiteApps features include:

  • Ease-of-use: Once you have deployed the SiteApps global tag, you will never have to change any code on your site again. Deploy apps without any coding knowledge straight from the Siteapps interface.
  • Variety: The SiteApps marketplace allows any developer to post their app (either free or paid) offering a
  • Reliability: SiteApps uses Google’s Appengine cloud service – to guarantee the best possible user experience. We also make sure apps available in our marketplace.


Yieldbot leverages publisher site data with advances in big data and realtime technology. Our patent-pending SaaS architecture automatically quantifies, structures and makes actionable in realtime your most valuable asset, the intent that arrives, exists and is created in your domain.

Using two primary data streams – visitor referrer data and site click stream data – Yieldbot resolves every pageview to intent values (words) that are automatically classified into “Intent Segments” and ultimately a site-wide Intent Graph™ that enable publishers to better understand and better monetize their audience.


BTBuckets is a free personalization and on-site behavioral targeting tool that allows websites to increase engagement and ultimately maximize conversion rate optimization in real-time, by segmenting and targeting strategic user groups.

Create the best experience for a specific user segment without the need to change any HTML code on your website (once our tag is installed). With just a few clicks, impress your visitors with a unique and engaging user experience.