Analytics ToolKit

Unique Google Analytics Tools

Many of the tools in this Toolkit are without equivalent. Even when some of the things they do can be accomplished manually through the Google Analytics interface they are unrivalled in terms of work speed and ease of use. Not to mention that some of them will allow you to use Google Analytics in ways that you can’t unless you use the Google Analytics API, for example our Cost Data Import Tool.


Marchex is a digital call advertising and small business marketing company. Our performance-based call advertising products, the Marchex Digital Call Marketplace and Marchex Call Analytics, are reinventing how businesses acquire new customers through the phone. Our award-winning small business marketing products empower local businesses to efficiently monitor and manage their online presence, communicate with their customers, and acquire new ones. Every day, our products support tens of thousands of advertisers and partners, ranging from global enterprises to local businesses.

Mongoose Metrics

Mongoose Metrics provides phone call tracking for online and offline marketing. Our core service solutions include keyword level phone call tracking, phone call web analytics integration, and service solutions that are priced right and simple to use. Mongoose Metrics is the innovative leader in enterprise phone conversion tracking. Our holistic approach takes the mystery out of phone conversion analytics by supplying clients with reliable, clear, and actionable data encompassing the entire sales cycle from customer browsing through completed sale.


Ifbyphone is a voice based marketing automation platform that helps companies drive sales, reduce collection cycles, measure marketing effectiveness and improve customer experience.

Ifbyphone provides a suite of software-as-a-service voice applications for ad tracking, call notifications, call forwarding, call automation and interactive voice response (IVR). These technologies help you manage, measure and automate voice communications. It’s easy to implement the entire platform of voice applications through the online portal.

Phone Tracking & Analytics by seOverflow

So you wanna track phone calls eh? Easy enough my friend. There are some excellent call tracking platforms out in the world including IfByPhone, Mongoose Metrics, VoiceStar and more. We’ve researched a ton of them and while they all had their upsides, each had a downside as well that was hard for either seOverflow or our clients to stomach. In order to solve most of these issues, we went and developed our own phone call tracking program based on the Twilio Web Service API for phone applications. Features that were important to us that were hard to find together in a single call tracking application were:

  • affordable for most clients
  • ability to port numbers in and out
  • integration with Google Analytics for conversion tracking
  • call recording
  • email alerts when a call was made
  • showing the ‘real’ phone number in the code to help with local search
  • easy to implement
  • ability to track only non-branded organic search traffic
  • and more!

Avid Trak

Identifies the ad creative (keyword, ad copy, banner ad) that is leading to the phone calls.
Integrates with Google Analytics so that you can identify which websites, search engines (including both organic and paid search) and keywords are leading to the phone calls within your Google Analytics reports.

Integrates with Google AdWords so that you get holistic reports on campaign performance for both online conversion and phone call conversions. This allows you to make crucial decisions much more easily or you can let AvidTrak manage the ad campaigns for you based on the rich conversion data available.

Tracks and Reports on offline channels as well including radio stations, billboards, and TV channels. AvidTrak’s easy interface will enable you to provision phone numbers on the fly for each of your offline media that you want to track

Intelligent PPC Campaign Management Platform. AvidTrak allows you to run your entire PPC campaign through its intuitive User Interface and bid engine. You simply need to enter to your goals such as max cost per conversion and AvidTrak’s bid algorithms do the rest.


At the heart of the ClickPath solution is a break-through, patent-pending DNI technology that links the call data to the originating keywords and ad sources. ClickPath assigns a unique toll-free number to every ad campaign you want to track and provides a simple code to be placed on your website. This number follows visitors throughout their navigation of your site. When visitors call the unique toll-free number, ClickPath captures that call data and matches it to the ad source, keywords, and referring domain.
ClickPath’s Online-to-Offline Ad and Conversion Tracking Solutions do not require any hardware or software installation, and will provide you with a multitude of easy to use reports that will allow you to maximize your marketing budget to its fullest potential.
Not only does ClickPath provide you with the knowledge you will need to maximize your advertising, but we also provide industry leading support to offer assistance whenever you might need it.