Avail for Point-of-Sale and Avail for Email enables you to replace all static product promotions with personalized banners whose content adapt to the actions and preferences of each visitor. Landing pages that tailor the product range to the search phrase used, personalized search results and category pages, and personalized cross-sells based on preferences and items in the cart are just some examples. You can also use it in mobile and tablet stores, emails, call centers, coupons, and digital retail displays.


Monoloop is a cloud based service enabling you to easily implement behavioural targeting on any existing website. The service is system agnostic and does not require any integration. It can be easily activated within minutes.

Monoloop enables you to:

  • Differentiate your content for different types of website visitors.
  • Build personas and segments based on scores calculated from your own goals.
  • Connect the entire Monoloop visitor profile with information from your backend systems.
  • You can merge behavioural data from Monoloop with any of your backend customer profiles (e.g. CRM, CMS and Email marketing platforms) which effectively extends all profiles in real time.


Apptus eSales is a unique platform that achieves measurable results by adding real intuition to selling on your site. You’ll instantly notice the uptake because Apptus eSales does what your dream salesperson would do. It pays attention to your customers without bothering them. It finds out what they like. It’s self-learning and remembers everything they’ve done. Then it puts it all together instantly to make offers and present your range in a way that generates a greater incentive to buy. If your site doesn’t have Apptus eSales, it’s not selling as much as it could.

Unica Interactive Marketing by IBM

Target, create, and deliver effective email marketing and web personalization programs
With Unica Interactive Marketing OnDemand, marketers can quickly analyze visitor and customer behavior, and design and deliver email and web content that’s more personal, relevant, and effective. Finally, one intuitive application unifies best-of-breed web analytics, email marketing, and web personalization – without burdening IT or requiring complex multi-vendor integration.


SiteSpect provides the world’s only non-intrusive web optimization solution, enabling marketers to perform rapid A/B testing, multivariate testing, targeting and personalization, mobile content optimization as well as web performance optimization across all of your sites and landing pages … all without having to implement page tags or change your site in any way.

Test and Target Everything Without Changing Anything. You need the fastest and most cost-effective way to optimize your website:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Test and target landing pages
  • Improve mobile user experience


Personyze offers the most advanced SaaS platform in the market for real-time Visitor Segmentation and Website Personalization. Whenever a visitor enters your website, Personyze examines to which segment they belong and displays a tailored version of the website to each visitor, providing a highly relevant and engaging user experience that significantly increases user satisfaction, conversion and revenue.

On Dialog

OnDialog provides a uniquely powerful tool for marketers to maximize acquisition of leads, conversion or prospects and retain customers using on-demand landing pages, microsites and personalized URLs (PURLs).

The recent integration of OnDialog’s core product with the industry’s best multivariate testing technology now allows OnDialog landing pages to be optimized for maximum mass-market conversion to drive revenue based on statistically robust testing of up to one million unique variations of a single online ad or landing page.


Monetate helps marketers test and target product pitches and site features. Successful tests can be converted instantly into targeted and personalized messaging and promotional campaigns, anywhere on the website, with no additional coding.

Monetate’s products and people enable online businesses to implement superior marketing strategies, to quickly and easily test and target website content and features, thereby providing customers with more relevant and compelling site experiences.


Baynote Conversion Multiplier: Multiply the value of ecommerce investments and drive conversion rates higher than ever

Baynote is the only personalization platform that understands and acts on buyer intent in real time across all of your customer touchpoints, from landing pages to product and content recommendations, search results, email, chat, offers, social, mobile and more. It extracts more value from existing online commerce investments to deliver game-changing increases in conversion rates.

Instead of throwing more money at disconnected, partial solutions, use Baynote to integrate the systems you already own with new personalization capabilities—and create an ecommerce platform that can deliver an order of magnitude increase in revenue.