Host, Manage, and Track your videos with the best video marketing tools in the (known) universe. Wistia was founded in 2006 and since then we’ve been obsessively providing the best online video management experience possible. Our goal is to enable every business on the planet to get more value from their videos.

Switch Video

Switch Video is a video animation company. In the last year alone, we’ve produced hundreds of simple explainer videos that “explain what you do”. Our video marketing services are utilized by medium-sized business to global corporations to simplify their product offerings. We take your message and our animated video production process delivers it in under 2 minutes in an engaging and compelling format.


Founded in 2007, Treepodia has since created over 1,000,000 high converting videos and millions of views for more than 250 ebusinesses around the world with the Treepodia ecommerce video platform.

The automated nature of the Treepodia ecommerce video platform enables online merchants to cover their entire product catalog with effective and engaging video content at an affordable price in just 24 hours.

As a comprehensive one-stop-shop video solution provider, Treepodia also offers such added value services as the Dynamic Video Sitemap for increased SEO, the Video Distributor for increased web exposure, and the unique WishClip technology for Facebook coverage.

With the original vision of helping online retailers improve their merchandising offer and enhance their customers’ experience in an entertaining and effective way, the Treepodia platform has successfully helped them generate more sales, increased customer loyalty, and enhanced SEO.


ReplayNote is an app that records your writing and voice, then converts it to YouTube video. (screencast) You can create a video and share it just by clicking a few buttons.
It is quite easy to create educational videos using ReplayNote. Or you can record meetings, or you can ask questions or explain something which cannot be easily expressed with text. The interface is very intuitive, so just try a few minutes to get used to ReplayNote.

Options Multimedia

We bring your website to the next level by adding State of the Art Multimedia elements. Online Video, Online Publications, Video Testimonials, 3D Animation, eLearning/ Training and other multimedia.
We are a Full Service Multimedia House that specializes in online media at an affordable price. We are experts and are positioned to assist. We enhance and support your business or marketing campaign. The options are endless and are limited only by your imagination. We want to work with you and are very open to your ideas and not afraid of trying new things.


Eyeview develops technology solutions that enable advertisers and agencies to create and target personalized video ads. We have both a passion for online video advertising and a vision for what it can be in the digital age. We aspire to bring the most comprehensive, advanced video advertising technology solution to the market.

Our technology enhances brand quality video ads by adding dynamic compositions that are updated and targeted in real-time. With Eyeview’s technology, advertisers provide a more personal, relevant, local and brand effective video experience.


CodeBaby Corporation delivers a fully animated, expressive digital character (a CodeBaby) that engages customers at key points in the online experience. We focus the CodeBaby Conversation at points of predictable emotional escalation. These are points where customers are more receptive, but also “moments of truth” where the customer relationship is at stake. We focus the CodeBaby Conversation on optimizing measurable customer objectives that include: lead capture; cross-sell/up-sell; click-to-buy optimization; complex web tasks; web navigation; customer support; and so on.

CodeBaby applies a simple guiding principle … if you had a business development professional sitting next to your prospect/customer at a specific point in the online experience, what would you have them say, and what would you have them do? That’s what we do with the CodeBaby Conversation, but with some additional techniques and intelligence applied given the digital nature of our presence. Simply put, we sell the value of highly interactive, personally engaging, emotionally intelligent conversations for the online customer experience. CodeBaby is a privately held company with offices in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Edmonton, Alberta.


Camtasia Studio is the complete professional solution for recording, editing and sharing high-quality screen video on the Web, Youtube, DVD, CD and portable media players, including iPod.

Easily record your screen, PowerPoint, multiple audio tracks, and webcam video to create compelling training videos, screencasts, and presentations without ever leaving your desk. With the power of interactive Camtasia Studio videos, you can deliver high-quality content anytime, to even your most remote audience.