Data Validation

Every email marketer knows the importance of top-quality email addresses. Even more important is the direct connection between quality data, email deliverability and return on investment.

Real-time data validation helps you improve deliverability and R.O.I. Our proprietary process and exclusive relationships with leading ISPs ensure that you capture and validate prospect’s and customer’s data in a fraction of a second – as they enter it on your forms or registration pages, before they leave your site. You get a proven web-based API Integration solution that your team can integrate on your web forms. Fast. Easy. Low cost.

You benefit from:

  • A cleaner, more valuable email database
  • Improved email deliverability
  • Fewer bounces due to errors and invalid addresses
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Better reputation with ISPs
  • Higher response rates and profitability’s client-centric approach solves email data problems – customized or a la carte. Discover how today!


DIVOLUTION ® is Europe’s innovative software-as-a-service provider of automated optimization solution for online shops, websites and online advertising.

Visitors and customers decide what they like and what they want. Each visitor has specific habits and interests. The better analysis and use of behavioral data is the key to better response and thus better results. DIVOLUTION’s user relationship management platform Emma helps you optimize conversion and increase ROI.


Performable, Inc. offers a marketing software platform for businesses looking to optimize their marketing, sales and customer service efforts. It offers a unified view of your customers across e-mail, web, social media and mobile channels, analytical tools to understand what marketing and sales efforts are working and the ability to trigger marketing campaigns based on real customer behavior.

Applications in the software platform include marketing analytics, marketing automation, search engine keyword & social media ROI analytics, lead management, cohort analytics, landing pages, social media monitoring and website conversion optimization. Performable helps you get more customers, keep more customers, and understand the true value of your marketing efforts over time.


Maxymiser is the leading global provider of Conversion Management solutions, including A/B testing, multivariate testing, web and mobile personalization, and multichannel marketing. With offices in New York, London, San Francisco, Edinburgh, and Dusseldorf, and a global network of partners, its solutions enable brands such as Hertz, Hewlett-Packard, SONY, and Time Warner Cable to increase conversion rates across all marketing channels. Maxymiser empowers marketers to make smarter, objective decisions, and deliver engaging customer experiences that improve the bottom line. Founded in 2006, Maxymiser is a rapidly expanding, private company whose best-in-class technology is recognized by leading industry analysts.

Ektron Market Optimization

Ektron is a web solutions provider focused on web content management, marketing optimization, intranet, social, and mobile solutions based on a foundation software platform, Ektron CMS400.NET. We deliver innovative technology that help our clients improve operational efficiency, drive revenue growth and build customer loyalty. The Ektron approach goes beyond our software. We provide an array of services and support to protect our customers investment in Ektron. We believe in developing long-term relationships with our customers and working together in partnership. Your ongoing success is our success, and we will not be satisfied until success has been achieved.