Data Validation

Every email marketer knows the importance of top-quality email addresses. Even more important is the direct connection between quality data, email deliverability and return on investment.

Real-time data validation helps you improve deliverability and R.O.I. Our proprietary process and exclusive relationships with leading ISPs ensure that you capture and validate prospect’s and customer’s data in a fraction of a second – as they enter it on your forms or registration pages, before they leave your site. You get a proven web-based API Integration solution that your team can integrate on your web forms. Fast. Easy. Low cost.

You benefit from:

  • A cleaner, more valuable email database
  • Improved email deliverability
  • Fewer bounces due to errors and invalid addresses
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Better reputation with ISPs
  • Higher response rates and profitability’s client-centric approach solves email data problems – customized or a la carte. Discover how today!

Net Results

Net-Results delivers a real-time lead management solution for organizations and provides deeper data analysis than any other solution. This allows sales and marketing teams to uncover hidden opportunities, accurately identify decision-makers, and deliver powerful, targeted, real-time responses and offers to potential customers.

Net-Results was founded in 2003 with the goal to revolutionize lead management by creating a collaborative platform that delivers significant value to sales and marketing professionals of any sized organization. Headquartered in Golden, Colorado, our worldwide team of employees and partners are dedicated to our customers’ success.


Capture leads everywhere — Without Landing Pages: Place branded lead forms on websites, blogs, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, display & mobile. Drop leads directly into Eloqua, Marketo and Salesforce.

Founded in 2009, Kwanzoo delivers a SaaS-based platform for enterprise marketers to go beyond their own website to capture leads, profile their prospects and personalize marketing promotions and offers everywhere.

Marketers can optimize their demand generation across channels (email, web, social, display, re-targeting, mobile). With over 20 ready-to-deploy campaign strategies, Kwanzoo provides a new way to drive demand generation, using interactive marketing & ad units, with in-banner lead forms, smart polls, mini surveys, tell-a-friend social promotions, and smart banners that run everywhere. & OneLink

OneLink is a platform that completely automates the website translation process. OneLink connects to your website and creates a proxy version, which we will then localize into any language you need. This process eliminates the file and project management for many tasks related to website translation including:

  • Determining what files to translate
  • Extracting that content from your web server, CMS, or database
  • Sending those files to the translation vendor, or in-country partners
  • Coordinating your review of the translations
  • Receiving the translated web files and posting them in the appropriate place on your web server, or CMS
  • Performing functional QA of the website before it goes live
  • Monitoring the English site for maintenance and repeat the above process for new content

OneLink practically eliminates all of your team’s time spent on these activities.


Sosign’s platform is the fastest way to easily and effectively implement multi-channel and cross-channel strategies, driving more traffic to your e-Store and increasing your overall sales and profit. Our multi-channel platform was designed to help consumer-brand-manufacturers to sell, promote, track, manage and optimize their online sales through various eCommerce channels such as transactional marketplaces, comparison shopping engines and advertising networks.


Performable, Inc. offers a marketing software platform for businesses looking to optimize their marketing, sales and customer service efforts. It offers a unified view of your customers across e-mail, web, social media and mobile channels, analytical tools to understand what marketing and sales efforts are working and the ability to trigger marketing campaigns based on real customer behavior.

Applications in the software platform include marketing analytics, marketing automation, search engine keyword & social media ROI analytics, lead management, cohort analytics, landing pages, social media monitoring and website conversion optimization. Performable helps you get more customers, keep more customers, and understand the true value of your marketing efforts over time.

Payment Central Inc.

Regardless of whether you’re involved with a business, fundraising organization or government agency, if people need or want to send your money, it can only be a “good thing” if you make it easier, safer and faster for them to do so.

That’s where the Payment Central Inc. “Secure Telephone Transfer” (“STT”) system comes in! By calling a toll-free number to reach our secure payment/donation acceptance service, your clients or donors can easily arrange to transfer funds to your account, whether they choose to do from their credit or checking accounts, OVER THE TELEPHONE. No mailing or wiring funds, no revealing their information to live operators after long waits listening to low fidelity music or incessantly-repeating commercials – just a short, intuitively-simple session with our automated phone server (which, as is explained to callers, is not ever connected to the Internet, so that there is absolutely no way for hackers to gain information to their personal information) and the transfer is done! This new STT service is the easiest, fastest and MOST SECURE method of transferring funds remotely which your clients or donors will ever have experienced!

Hub Spot

HubSpot’s vision is to provide a (killer) marketing application and provide great advice to small businesses enabling them to leverage these disruptive effects of the internet to “get found” by more prospects shopping in their niche and to convert a higher percentage of prospects into customers.

Most small businesses have a website that behaves like their old paper-based brochures, but just sitting online. It is rarely updated, is not given significant visibility by the search engines, has low traffic levels, does not encourage return visits, does not enable/track conversions, etc. What HubSpot does is transform that relatively static website into a modern marketing machine that produces the right leads and helps convert a higher percentage of them into qualified opportunities.

Genius provides powerful, yet easy-to-use Marketing Automation, Demand Generation and Email Marketing solutions that enable both Marketing and Sales users to quickly identify and connect with their best prospects. All Genius solutions are right-sized to meet the specific needs of your organization, now and in the future. Most Importantly, Genius is hassle-free and cost-free with no implementation required, so you can be up and running in minutes. solutions enable “smarter marketing” because we let marketers design flexible campaigns that “wait and watch” prospect behavior on the website in real time. With Genius, campaign logic and workflow rules never get in the way — as soon as the prospect shows “qualifying behavior”, Sales is alerted and the database is updated, instantly
Genius enables “faster sales” by notifying sales instantly of prospect interest, so Sales can connect at the right time, and by giving Sales full access to replay prospect “online body language” and understand the prospect’s areas of interest.