Ometrics™ provides a suite of conversion rate optimization tools to increase your sites ROI. Includes Surveys, Feedback tabs and offer tabs, site A/B Testing, Heat Maps, Click Metrics, Form Metrics, and sales conversion Funnel Metrics. All tools are included in one small script to reduce usability testing impact on your sites performance.


Attensee is a web-based alternative to eye-tracking that uses a blurred image of your page mouse movement from the user to identify attention behavior. Remotely assess your visual marketing faster and cheaper.

Lucky Orange

  1. Watch Mouse Movements: See your visitors’ movements and clicks, in real time or recorded. Also works on member only pages.
  2. Real Time Visitor Map :See your visitors plotted in real time on a map of the world. Also, see top performing countries, states, in chart form.
  3. Live Chat Software: Really simple 1-to-1 chat support. Chat with multiple visitors at the same time. Chat stays on the page and follows visitors from page to page.
  4. Heat Maps: Click heat maps, Scroll Depth heat maps, and Mouse Movement heat maps.
  5. Visitor Polls: Get instant feedback about your site. Ask any question and see results in real time.
  6. Easy Setup & Integration: One piece of javascript and you’re off. Also, integrates with WordPress or Blogger.

EyeTrack Shop

EyeTrackShop is the World’s First Online Eye Tracking Solution for Large Scale Online Panels.

Our concept has become very popular with our many clients and we are now rapidly scaling up our capacity to execute global studies. We have operations in the US, Europe and Asia.

The vision of EyeTrackShop is to create the globally leading data collection service for implicit research.

We offer research agencies the opportunity to increase the value of your surveys by using eye tracking technology as part of your product range. Our platform delivers valuable results providing new insights for your customers. Our flexible report format makes easy to incorporate into your current offerings and analysis.

We also offer a number of standardised studies for media owners, brand owners, agencies and others that want to measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns and improve their communication. Contact us to get started with a test pilot!


Optimize any web page without the need for a programmer or designer. Test copy, formatting, images and more. Overstat dramatically reduces the cost, time and other difficulties of testing and improving websites. Without the need for programmers or designers, Overstat users can test variations of copy, color, images, layouts and more. This tuning has an immediate impact; our customers see improved results for lead capture, conversions, length of engagement and overall satisfaction.

Our easy-to-use software installs in minutes with just two code snippets and doesn’t require any special set-up, object-naming, or configuration. With Overstat, users see results right away that empower them to optimize their website’s impact and achieve their organization’s goals. More on features


Zentester is a revolutionary new visual website testing, tracking and optimization tool for your web site. With just a few clicks, you can test variations of your headlines, website buttons, signup boxes, description text, images – and more – and automatically optimize your website so that it gets more sales, more signups and earns bigger profits!

It is designed for simplicity, even if you have zero technical know-how you can get Zentester up and running in under 2 minutes, and have it making you more sales almost immediately.

Userfly provides instantaneous web user studies by recording user visits and letting you play them back to see every mouse movement, click, and form interaction. Conducting a user study doesn’t have to be expensive or a logistic nightmare. With you can perform simple and cheap user testing with your real users. And it only takes one minute to set up!


SeeVolution captures visitor behavioral data – not just where visitors are sourced from but also how they are interacting with different areas of your web page. This data is compiled into behavioral reports that are visually displayed through customizable tool bars and comprehensive heat maps that lay transparently on your site.

Because the mouse clicks, mouse movements, data entries and user info recorded through SeeVolution illustrates your site’s trend information, undesirable trends are easily identifiable. Whether noticing areas cooling off in the heatmap or receiving an alert text through SeeVolution’s active monitoring, you can ensure that your web page will operate at its optimal level.