Vyew allows you to meet and share content in real-time or anytime. Upload images, files, documents and videos into a room. Users can access and contribute at anytime. With Vyew you can give a presentation to a hundred people online or post a document you’ve been working on for review by your colleagues at their convenience. Vyew is extremely flexible allowing you to bring online collaboration and conferencing into your workflow on your terms.


Onotate provides a centralised hub for people to discuss visual concepts. It also helps you organise and manage the many stages of the design process quickly and effectively.

It couldn’t be easier to get started with Onotate. Create your project & add it’s first stage. You can then define what type of concepts you are sharing, they could be for a new website interface, print design concept, even iphone or ipad artwork. Onotate facilitates these with a unique tailored presentation style for each. If you want to make your presentation even better, you can apply custom background styles. It work’s a treat for web design concepts, they look just like finished websites. Onotate can even create the background for you, based on the side of your image.

Onotate allows you to click and drag windows (or just click if you like) over your concept to add notes. You can also set a mood on your note to help express your opinion and emotion in relation to the design element. It makes so much sense to have conversations inline and focused.You will wonder how you ever lived with misinterpretations, and expectancies not being met.

Onotate enables you to select a person as a Project Approver. They will decide if a concept has met the projects requirements or not and change its status accordingly. When all your concepts are approved you have a clear milestone in your project allowing you to move on to the next stage without having to worry about scope creep. Onotate enables you to draw a line in the sand, to help manage and streamline your design process.


The team behind ProofHQ.com has many years of experience in the design, graphic art and web industries. We know the pain that is associated with getting designs reviewed and approved – we’ve been there, we’ve bashed our heads and suffered the bruises to prove it.

Having looked around for a product that we could use, it appeared that email attachments or simple review tools were the only options and so we decided to make the world a better place and create a solution for ourselves and others –  for the  good of mankind. We now spend each and every day continually working on the product to make it the very best that it can be, giving the best possible value to our customers.

We’re delighted to have an ever growing base of users – from brands to agencies to publishers and printers. The list is endless, not to mention weird and wonderful and we love them all. We work closely with each of them to make sure that they always get the most out of our product.

We’re passionate about what we do. We’re genuinely care about our users. We want to make a difference. That’s what gets us up in the morning! Don’t take our word for it though – try it out for yourself using our 14 day free trial!


uTest is the world’s largest marketplace for software testing services. We offer real-world QA services through our community of 40,000+ professional testers from more than 175 countries around the globe. Hundreds of companies – from garage startups to Fortune 500 enterprises – have signed up with the uTest marketplace to get their web, desktop and mobile applications tested.

uTest enables customers to launch higher quality products; get their applications to market faster; and control the cost of testing. And because uTest is truly on-demand, there are no long-term commitments or fixed cost contracts.


Launched in 2008, UserVoice is a San Francisco-based startup focused on empowering customers to speak and companies to understand. We do this by providing hosted feedback forums, which allow customers to create, discuss, and vote for ideas. We do this by providing support systems, which allow you to answer your customers’ questions quicker and with less effort. We do this by sharing stories and guidance on our Understanding Your Customers blog. We do this by continuing to build tools with the goal of customer understanding, not deflection, in mind. We do this by listening to our own customers constantly and carefully, to find out what they need.


ReplayNote is an app that records your writing and voice, then converts it to YouTube video. (screencast) You can create a video and share it just by clicking a few buttons.
It is quite easy to create educational videos using ReplayNote. Or you can record meetings, or you can ask questions or explain something which cannot be easily expressed with text. The interface is very intuitive, so just try a few minutes to get used to ReplayNote.


Understand who’s on your site, make your customers love you, and earn more money.
See all the activity on your site at once in real-time and proactively chat with your visitors.
Our customizable chat box stays on your page so that visitors can easily chat and continue activity on your site (like buying more product!). Never miss a lead, never drop the ball.
Now all your important customer interactions are in one place.

Napkin Labs

Napkin Labs was born out of our experience with innovation and brand consulting for large companies. We saw social business and customer communities as the evolution of focus groups and traditional research, and realized new tools were needed to keep pace in an era of rapid innovation.

We built our platform as an internal tool to connect with external communities, and truly believe that customer collaboration will continue to change the way businesses operate in the future. At Napkin Labs, we believe great ideas can come from anywhere, but that the greatest ideas come from working together. We built our company to make that belief a reality.