Capture feedback effortlessly. Issue reporting and management & built exclusively for web designers. BugHerd’s task board gives you a bird’s eye view of all your tasks so you’re always on top of what your team is working on, what’s completed and what still needs to be done.


Path and conversion analysis for your mocks and wireframes. Navflow helps you improve your conversion rates by analysing how people navigate around your websites and applications.

How it works:

  1. Upload designs to test: Navflow lets you upload a series of images that represent a path your users would take to get from one section to another.
  2. Testers complete your test: You can choose whether you want our community to help you out or keep your test private and only share it with your own testers.
  3. View your test results: We crunch all your responses and present them to you with beautiful funnel visualisations, heatmaps and graphs, cuz we love you.


Every day, thousands of websites worldwide go uncared for simply because it is hard, dangerous, and cumbersome to manage a website. On the other hand, thousands of talented developers never get a chance to present their innovative solutions to site improvements because it is just too damn complicated. We hope we can solve this with the SiteApps platform. SiteApps features include:

  • Ease-of-use: Once you have deployed the SiteApps global tag, you will never have to change any code on your site again. Deploy apps without any coding knowledge straight from the Siteapps interface.
  • Variety: The SiteApps marketplace allows any developer to post their app (either free or paid) offering a
  • Reliability: SiteApps uses Google’s Appengine cloud service – to guarantee the best possible user experience. We also make sure apps available in our marketplace.

Lucky Orange

  1. Watch Mouse Movements: See your visitors’ movements and clicks, in real time or recorded. Also works on member only pages.
  2. Real Time Visitor Map :See your visitors plotted in real time on a map of the world. Also, see top performing countries, states, in chart form.
  3. Live Chat Software: Really simple 1-to-1 chat support. Chat with multiple visitors at the same time. Chat stays on the page and follows visitors from page to page.
  4. Heat Maps: Click heat maps, Scroll Depth heat maps, and Mouse Movement heat maps.
  5. Visitor Polls: Get instant feedback about your site. Ask any question and see results in real time.
  6. Easy Setup & Integration: One piece of javascript and you’re off. Also, integrates with WordPress or Blogger.

Mouse Eye Tracking

Mouse Eye Tracking ™ is a user friendly visualisation tool with four main features – Heat Maps, Mouse Tracking, Page Navigation andBrowser Sizes. Find out setup and deployment options here. It’s now even easier to understand user behaviour. Discover how different page designs affect user behaviour by taking before and after screenshots that you can directly compare.


Cozimo is an easy, cost-effective way for creative teams to get feedback and collaborate on visual media.

  • Review and markup images, videos, PDFs and documents from any web browser, anytime, anywhere.
  • Get to ‘yes’ faster with live interactive meetings, review and collaboration sessions.
  • Stay organized with a complete, easy-to-find record of all project-related communications.

Concept Share

ConceptShare makes it easy to share, communicate and collaborate on creative work. Fast and easy to use, ConceptShare helps creative teams and their clients work together to deliver assets on time, on spec. ConceptShare enables creative professional to get feedback on visual assets with the responsiveness and experience of a desktop application.