Celebrus Technologies

Celebrus Technologies (formerly Speed-Trap) was founded in 1999. The original objective was to measure the experience and performance of web sites and online applications by embedding smart applications in the web pages themselves which would run in the visitor’s browser to capture a true and accurate picture of the performance of the site, from the end-user’s perspective.

This revolutionary idea resulted in technology that was awarded several patents for its innovation. We then recognized that this approach to the capture of data from within the page and browser had applications far beyond the measurement of site speed and performance.

Bounce App

A little app that lets people quickly add feedback to any web page and toss that back and forth with other people. For most creative people, asking for feedback is difficult. After all, who wants to open themselves up to criticism? It’s a vital part of the design process, though, and ultimately everybody on the team is better off for it.

Ask Your Target Market

We give you the tools to write surveys and send them to your ideal target market segment of our proprietary US consumer panel, or to your own list. We deliver your responses in a matter of hours and help you to understand the data.

Until now, reliable market research was out of reach for almost everyone except corporate giants. Not only was research expensive and time-consuming, it required in-house or outside expertise to develop, analyze and present in a way that everyone could understand and act on.

AYTM’s break-through technology and proprietary, nationwide consumer panel have changed all that. Now companies of all types can access powerful, state-of-the-art market research using our turnkey, easy-to-use and affordable online system.

Now, you can make confident business decisions based on facts and consumer insight.

3rd Party Feedback

Valuable Feedback from Real People in Under 24 Hours. Tapping into 3rd Party Feedback allows you to gain independent advice on what’s working on your website and what needs to be improved. This will help focus your design team on the things that really matter.

The cost-effective way to determine:

  • What Your Visitors Think Your Website is About
  • What’s Confusing for Them
  • Who is Your Online Competition
  • Stop debating and start listening to what people are saying.

Concept Feedback

Get website feedback and increase conversion rates. Expert analysis detailed recommendation and solutions you can implement today. Detailed analysis from experienced design, usability, and strategy professionals. Prioritize feedback and share your website evaluation with your team or client. Join our growing community of 11801 and share your ideas.

Concept Feedback provides you with step-by-step advice to increase conversion rates and generate more revenue. Keep your project moving with quick, actionable website feedback that you can use immediately. Create a more efficient design that better communicates your message to your customers. Too close to a project? Our experts offer an objective, third-party analysis of your website. We also review landing pages, mockups, wireframes, applications and interfaces.