Attensee is a web-based alternative to eye-tracking that uses a blurred image of your page mouse movement from the user to identify attention behavior. Remotely assess your visual marketing faster and cheaper.

Mouse Eye Tracking

Mouse Eye Tracking ™ is a user friendly visualisation tool with four main features – Heat Maps, Mouse Tracking, Page Navigation andBrowser Sizes. Find out setup and deployment options here. It’s now even easier to understand user behaviour. Discover how different page designs affect user behaviour by taking before and after screenshots that you can directly compare.

SensoMotoric Instruments

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) is a world leader in dedicated computer vision applications, developing and marketing eye & gaze tracking systems and OEM solutions for a wide range of applications.

Founded in 1991 as a spin-off from academic research, SMI was the first company to offer a commercial, vision-based 3D eye tracking solution. We now have 20 years of experience in developing application-specific solutions in close collaboration with our clients.

We serve our customers around the globe from our offices in Teltow, near Berlin, Germany and Boston, USA, backed by a network of trusted local partners in many countries.

Our products combine a maximum of performance and usability with the highest possible quality, resulting in high-value solutions for our customers. Our major fields of expertise are:

  • Eye & gaze tracking systems in research and industry
  • High speed image processing, and
  • Eye tracking and registration solutions in ophthalmology.

More than 4,000 of our systems installed worldwide are testimony to our continuing success in providing innovative products and outstanding services to the market. While SMI has won several awards, the largest reward for us each year is our trusted business relationships with academia and industry.

SR Eye Tracking Research

Providing best in class solutions for eye tracking researchers is what we do. Our product line up has been developed by researchers for researchers. We not only design eye tracking solutions, but we actually use them too! This is a key to our highly praised customer support team.

Our flagship eye tracker, the EyeLink 1000 is the most powerful eye tracker on the market. Designed around a common core hardware set, the system can be used with multiple mounting options, providing extreme versatility.

Visit our Solutions section for more details on what areas of research our products are suited for.

EyeTrack Shop

EyeTrackShop is the World’s First Online Eye Tracking Solution for Large Scale Online Panels.

Our concept has become very popular with our many clients and we are now rapidly scaling up our capacity to execute global studies. We have operations in the US, Europe and Asia.

The vision of EyeTrackShop is to create the globally leading data collection service for implicit research.

We offer research agencies the opportunity to increase the value of your surveys by using eye tracking technology as part of your product range. Our platform delivers valuable results providing new insights for your customers. Our flexible report format makes easy to incorporate into your current offerings and analysis.

We also offer a number of standardised studies for media owners, brand owners, agencies and others that want to measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns and improve their communication. Contact us to get started with a test pilot!

Eyetracking Web Usability

Eyetracking Web Usability is based on one of the largest studies of eyetracking usability in existence. Best-selling author Jakob Nielsen and coauthor Kara Pernice used rigorous usability methodology and eyetracking technology to analyze 1.5 million instances where users look at Web sites to understand how the human eyes interact with design. Their findings will help designers, software developers, writers, editors, product managers, and advertisers understand what people see or don’t see, when they look, and why.

With their comprehensive three-year study, the authors confirmed many known Web design conventions and the book provides additional insights on those standards. They also discovered important new user behaviors that are revealed here for the first time. Using compelling eye gaze plots and heat maps, Nielsen and Pernice guide the reader through hundreds of examples of eye movements, demonstrating why some designs work and others don’t. They also provide valuable

Gaze Hawk

See where your users are looking. Our proprietary eye tracking technology allows you to see how visitors view your webpage, advertisement, or image. Improve website conversions. Seeing where your users look on your site allows you to make critial usability changes that have a positive impact on conversions. Test landing pages, registration/checkout flows, homepages, or any other type of webpage! Evaluate ad placement and brand recognition.

Get the most out of your advertising dollars: see if users are looking at your branding before you pour thousands into a marketing campaign. Great for web ads, print ads, and many other forms of advertising! Getting started is quick and easy. We can have your eye tracking results to you in as little as five days. Sign up yourself or get in touch with us for a custom solution.


EyeQuant is a patent-pending neurotechnology that helps you optimize user attention on your websites. It predicts within seconds where users will look and what users will see, enabling rapid and cost-efficient conversion optimization. In contrast to other approaches, EyeQuant delivers more than 90% of an Eye-Tracking study’s performance and is based on a decade of institutional academic research with over 400 human subjects. Years of neuroscientific excellence are now available via a convenient web service: simply upload your screenshots to our web service or API and EyeQuant will immediately provide actionable results.