Data Validation

Every email marketer knows the importance of top-quality email addresses. Even more important is the direct connection between quality data, email deliverability and return on investment.

Real-time data validation helps you improve deliverability and R.O.I. Our proprietary process and exclusive relationships with leading ISPs ensure that you capture and validate prospect’s and customer’s data in a fraction of a second – as they enter it on your forms or registration pages, before they leave your site. You get a proven web-based API Integration solution that your team can integrate on your web forms. Fast. Easy. Low cost.

You benefit from:

  • A cleaner, more valuable email database
  • Improved email deliverability
  • Fewer bounces due to errors and invalid addresses
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Better reputation with ISPs
  • Higher response rates and profitability’s client-centric approach solves email data problems – customized or a la carte. Discover how today!


Yesware saves your email templates for any sales activity. Goodbye to search / copy / paste from your sent folder! Yesware also saves your email to whatever CRM you use: Salesforce, Highrise, Sugar, PipeJump, etc. Archive your communication instantly. See how your prospect engages with your message – when they open, where they read it, even what platform they use. Tracking, Priority and Activity reports show you key customer insights without any data entry. Managers use Yesware to give their teams a standard set of sales emails. The Team Activity and Team Tracking reports summarize how everyone is meeting their goals. Plus, Yesware reports on activity, so there’s no data entry needed.

8Seconds Real Time Image Optimizer

Testing of email campaigns is a proven method to increase ROI. 8Seconds Optimizer optimizes the images (calls to action, offers, promotions, header images, banners, buttons, etc.) in your email.

  • shows different images to different recipients that open their email
  • measures statistically and in real time which image is the most successful in terms of clicks or conversion
  • 8Seconds Optimizer automatically shows this best image (or combination of images) to the next recipients that still have to open their email at that moment in time.

The first people that open the email will be the testers so that remaining people only see the optimized version. Testing the content and presentation of your email campaigns with 8Seconds Optimizer is:

  • easy, thanks to the web based tool compatible with all email broadcasting platforms
  • fast, thanks to the 8Seconds fast learning and actively adapting content technology
  • cost-effective, thanks to the pay-as-you-use pricing model and the guaranteed increase of ROI