Persuasion API

PersuasionAPI helps you understand your customer’s buying behavior. So you know how to persuade them on an individual level. Thereby increasing the chance of conversion for each customer individually. Every time.

Know what persuaded them to buy, who bought, which pattern they followed, where they clicked, and how to recommend your products on an individual level through profiling. Across all of your sales channels.


Monoloop is a cloud based service enabling you to easily implement behavioural targeting on any existing website. The service is system agnostic and does not require any integration. It can be easily activated within minutes.

Monoloop enables you to:

  • Differentiate your content for different types of website visitors.
  • Build personas and segments based on scores calculated from your own goals.
  • Connect the entire Monoloop visitor profile with information from your backend systems.
  • You can merge behavioural data from Monoloop with any of your backend customer profiles (e.g. CRM, CMS and Email marketing platforms) which effectively extends all profiles in real time.


Apptus eSales is a unique platform that achieves measurable results by adding real intuition to selling on your site. You’ll instantly notice the uptake because Apptus eSales does what your dream salesperson would do. It pays attention to your customers without bothering them. It finds out what they like. It’s self-learning and remembers everything they’ve done. Then it puts it all together instantly to make offers and present your range in a way that generates a greater incentive to buy. If your site doesn’t have Apptus eSales, it’s not selling as much as it could.

Spring Metrics

Spring Metrics SaaS solution helps online merchants increase their conversion rate, order size, and revenue. Our proven Track-Target-Convert approach has generated millions of dollars of incremental revenue for our customers, with a minimum time requirement for setup and operation.

As an online merchant, you have already spent considerable time and money driving traffic to your site. Our software will increase your conversion rate, and your revenue and margin along with it. We will show you how to segment your site traffic, focusing on under-performing visitor types to increase their conversion rates by targeting content and offers that are relevant to each visitor or segment.

Check out to learn more or schedule a demo. Its simple, powerful, and designed specifically to increase ecommerce conversion rates with minimal time input and excellent results


Every day, thousands of websites worldwide go uncared for simply because it is hard, dangerous, and cumbersome to manage a website. On the other hand, thousands of talented developers never get a chance to present their innovative solutions to site improvements because it is just too damn complicated. We hope we can solve this with the SiteApps platform. SiteApps features include:

  • Ease-of-use: Once you have deployed the SiteApps global tag, you will never have to change any code on your site again. Deploy apps without any coding knowledge straight from the Siteapps interface.
  • Variety: The SiteApps marketplace allows any developer to post their app (either free or paid) offering a
  • Reliability: SiteApps uses Google’s Appengine cloud service – to guarantee the best possible user experience. We also make sure apps available in our marketplace.

Get Smart Content

Smart Content overcomes group marketing by serving targeted content through your existing Web site to individual users based on their unique profiles and Web-based interactions. Smart Content is easily embedded on any page within your site. The result is highly relevant content — including images, video and audio — that allows you to directly engage and motivate your users. Put simply, using a combination of Web statistics and your marketing insight, Smart Content serves your individual users the specific content they’re seeking.

Convert Insights (formerly Reedge)

Convert Insights (formerly Reedge) offers online marketing software that helps increase conversion rates and efficient interaction on ecommerce and transaction-oriented websites. The user-friendly online software segments website visitors and dynamically modifies website content to match each individual visitor profile to improve user conversion, improve customer service and make websites operate more efficiently.

  • Increase Conversion and Engagement of Website Visitors
  • Personalize content based on behavior
  • A/B and multivariate testing
  • Get more out of PPC campaigns


Personyze offers the most advanced SaaS platform in the market for real-time Visitor Segmentation and Website Personalization. Whenever a visitor enters your website, Personyze examines to which segment they belong and displays a tailored version of the website to each visitor, providing a highly relevant and engaging user experience that significantly increases user satisfaction, conversion and revenue.


Yieldbot leverages publisher site data with advances in big data and realtime technology. Our patent-pending SaaS architecture automatically quantifies, structures and makes actionable in realtime your most valuable asset, the intent that arrives, exists and is created in your domain.

Using two primary data streams – visitor referrer data and site click stream data – Yieldbot resolves every pageview to intent values (words) that are automatically classified into “Intent Segments” and ultimately a site-wide Intent Graph™ that enable publishers to better understand and better monetize their audience.