Conversion Doubler

Conversion Doubler provides an easy to use online testing solution so you can maximize your online profits. Whether your mobile site needs optimization, or a landing page, our solution generates revenue for the organizations that use them. Providing software and tools to increase revenue with world-class support will always be our mission.

We have no gimmicks. People pay for it because it works, and it remains a great value for increasing online profits. You simply pay for what you use, and we start with packages as low as $19 per month. (NO term contracts, cancel anytime). We have several plans to choose from, and provide free trials to all new users. If you would like assistance with our pricing or would like a special quote, we are here to help you.




Optimize any web page without the need for a programmer or designer. Test copy, formatting, images and more. Overstat dramatically reduces the cost, time and other difficulties of testing and improving websites. Without the need for programmers or designers, Overstat users can test variations of copy, color, images, layouts and more. This tuning has an immediate impact; our customers see improved results for lead capture, conversions, length of engagement and overall satisfaction.

Our easy-to-use software installs in minutes with just two code snippets and doesn’t require any special set-up, object-naming, or configuration. With Overstat, users see results right away that empower them to optimize their website’s impact and achieve their organization’s goals. More on features

Optimize By Webtrends

Webtrends Optimize combines best of breed testing and targeting platform with optimization expertise to deliver a best in class solution built by marketers for marketers. Test unlimited combinations of design, web copy, layouts and images to measure what works best. Target your customer segments with the most relevant and highest converting content. Use our deep domain expertise and creative services for immediate results!


Vertster is a hosted suite of web-based site testing and optimization tools. Our site also contains articles and information describing how to use testing strategies to systematically improve online profits. Vertster enables companies to do the following:

  • Measure and Track the effectiveness of online marketing creatives
  • Compare and Track the effectiveness of multiple websites or landing pages
  • Track the results and effectiveness of their keyword marketing campaigns
  • Utilize direct response marketing tactics with their web site


Unbounce is a self-serve hosted service that provides marketers doing paid search, banner ads, email or social media marketing, the easiest way to create, publish & test promotion specific landing pages without the need for IT or developers.

Unbounce makes it easy for Marketers to create, publish and test landing pages. We developed Unbounce after experiencing first hand the frustration of trying to get effective landing pages launched for our own online marketing campaigns.

It’s important to get things done quickly in marketing, a task made more difficult when you have to rely upon IT resources who have their own priorities and processes.

We also realized that IT doesn’t relish the idea of having to drop everything to develop a landing page, deal with change requests or get involved in the setup and maintenance of a testing environment. By giving marketers control over their landing pages, everybody wins.

Choose from built-in editable templates for lead generation or click through pages, or create a landing page from scratch using our powerful browser-based WYSIWYG editor. Publish the page live using your own domain name, and quickly set up an A/B split test – all without any knowledge of HTML.

TuningEngine by SiteTuners

Non-parametric tuning is the most powerful landing page optimization method available. SiteTuners is the only company to offer non-parametric tuning via its TuningEngineSM technology, which is designed for very large tests in high-traffic environments. This proprietary method is available from SiteTuners as part of a full-service landing page optimization engagement, or through technology licensing for interactive agencies or companies that want to run in-house landing page testing programs.

It routinely handles tests with over 1,000,000 possible site versions (“recipes”). This allows the client to test all important website elements at once, instead of having to wade through a series of smaller tests to get results. Variable interactions are also handled by this method – leading to the best possible conversion improvements.

TuningEngineSM engagements proceed in two stages. During the Tuning Stage the TuningEngineSM zeroes-in on which recipe is the best performing one. After finding the needle-in-a-haystack this recipe is designated as the “challenger”. In the Challenge Stage we simply conduct a head-to-head test of the challenger against the original site (also called the “baseline”). There is no client involvement required during the test. You simply get the right answer at the end, along with the supporting audit trail.


SumoOptimize is an A/B testing tool which aims to provide users an easy way to manage and monitor their A/B tests.

SumoOptimize enables users to customize their website elements such as text, layouts, images, colours of the website in the test using SumoOptimize test visual editor. With the visual editor, it eliminates the need for the users to know any html codes, css styles and also maintaining different version of the web pages. Once the customization is completed, users are able to start the test anytime they want without the need for any downtime on their websites. After the test has been started, feedback on the test performance can be immediately view in SumoOptimize test statistics tool.

Split Testing Pro

A B Split testing (or ‘Split Testing’ for short) is a revolutionary concept that allows you to simultaneously test different web page versions on your website in real-time, to see which versions generate the highest conversion or sales ratios. With Split Testing Pro, you can…
Start Testing within ONE Minute on your actual website, using our Auto Upload feature! Split Testing Pro saves you time and hassle by Automatically loading onto your sever in less than a minute!

Automatically & Dramatically Improve your sites Conversion rate, whether you are an html beginner or a seasoned pro, it’s so easy to use that if you can upload a simple webpage, you can use Split Testing Pro!

Test any kind of Creative with 100% Compatibility! Do you have Flash, Quicktime, or Audio on your site? Moving images? Rotating Banners? With Split Testing Pro, you can test any kind of creative on your front page that you can imagine. The sky’s the limit! Change your prices, colors, images, or headlines – whatever you want. The more things you try, the better chance of improving your conversion!

Test without harming your Search Engine Ranking! Some split testing software actually changes the content that search engines see, which could have a negative effect on your ranking. Split Testing Pro does not. Split Testing Pro changes the content that your users see in a transparent method. If you’ve got top search engine position, you can split test as often as you want, without putting your search engine placement at risk.

Split Test Accelerator

The Split Test Accelerator Will Help You Make More Sales, Get More Leads, Sell More Affiliate Products, Get Your PPC Costs Down, And Dominate Your Niche. It’s faster and more complete than Any Other Testing And Tracking Solution In Its Class. It’s super easy With Installation And Advisory Services Included.

Selected Features:

  • Taguchi-style multi-variate testing
  • Up to 20 factors at a time
  • Install on your own server
  • You control the data
  • Real time stats
  • Full reporting suite
  • Ad by ad report
  • Factor by factor report
  • Conversion report by domain
  • Conversion report by keyword
  • Conversion report by custom adcodes
  • Visitor reports with path information
  • Time on page reporting
  • Factor interactions report, etc.
  • Confidence intervals
  • Artificial Intelligence advising you about when to end your test for each factor
  • PHP-based snippets allow you to customize.
  • Pass TIDs and SIDs to your affiliate network like Clickbank and Commission Junction, and use your affiliate program sales reports to feed conversion data into STA.


SiteSpect provides the world’s only non-intrusive web optimization solution, enabling marketers to perform rapid A/B testing, multivariate testing, targeting and personalization, mobile content optimization as well as web performance optimization across all of your sites and landing pages … all without having to implement page tags or change your site in any way.

Test and Target Everything Without Changing Anything. You need the fastest and most cost-effective way to optimize your website:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Test and target landing pages
  • Improve mobile user experience