Ometrics™ provides a suite of conversion rate optimization tools to increase your sites ROI. Includes Surveys, Feedback tabs and offer tabs, site A/B Testing, Heat Maps, Click Metrics, Form Metrics, and sales conversion Funnel Metrics. All tools are included in one small script to reduce usability testing impact on your sites performance.

Lead Pages

LeadPages™ Is The Easiest Way To Create Mobile Responsive Landing Pages, Launch Pages, Sales Pages, and Other “Conversion Pages” (Also, We’re 100% Facebook Compatible). Publish Your Landing Page To Facebook, WordPress Or Your Own Server
With The Click Of A Button. With LeadPages™ Your Pages Will Work On iPhones, iPads, And Android Devices Effortlessly.

Website Optimization: An Hour a Day

This hands-on resource steps you through the tools, best practices, test ideas and strategies needed to effectively optimize and improve any kind of website and generate more revenue from it. From optimizing calls-to-action and text to using advanced personalization and targeting techniques, you’ll dive into the crucial areas of this exciting new field. This book also takes a unique approach by using best practices from web analytics, web usability and online marketing to help you get the most out of your optimization efforts.

Get Smart Content

Smart Content overcomes group marketing by serving targeted content through your existing Web site to individual users based on their unique profiles and Web-based interactions. Smart Content is easily embedded on any page within your site. The result is highly relevant content — including images, video and audio — that allows you to directly engage and motivate your users. Put simply, using a combination of Web statistics and your marketing insight, Smart Content serves your individual users the specific content they’re seeking.

Global Maxer

Globalmaxer is a powerful suite of site testing tools to help you maximise your site. Easy to implement, simple to use – discover higher converting versions of your site with our testing Wizard. Test the look and feel of your site with a design tailored by culture or visitor profile.

GlobalMaxer can test pages for sites where content is populated dynamically from a database-for example with E-Commerce sites. This means you can change the page as you see fit without the worry of overwriting dynamic content.

Easy to set up: The GlobalMaxer Wizard makes setting up an experiment simple. Follow our step by step process and choose which elements you want to test. No knowledge of coding required! More advanced testers also have the option of manually editing the HTML.

A/B/n Split Test Confidence Calculator with Graphing

A/B/n Split Test Confidence Calculator by Optimisation Beacon is built with Jquery and the Google Image Charts API to calculate statistically significant changes in conversion rates and even bounce rates. It’s approach is fairly similar to Google Website Optimizer’s so it should yield similar results. Use it to calculate:

  • Landing page testing
  • Email marketing split tests
  • PPC ad testing
  • Calculating changes in bounce rates in your experiments
  • Split testing scripts in a call centre… and practically any other binomial data


DIVOLUTION ® is Europe’s innovative software-as-a-service provider of automated optimization solution for online shops, websites and online advertising.

Visitors and customers decide what they like and what they want. Each visitor has specific habits and interests. The better analysis and use of behavioral data is the key to better response and thus better results. DIVOLUTION’s user relationship management platform Emma helps you optimize conversion and increase ROI.