See Why

SeeWhy delivers a breakthrough in website conversion technology by providing marketers with the real time, automated website analytics and remarketing tools necessary to immediately reach out to website visitors at the moment that they abandon their online purchase or form.

Unlike other website conversion solutions which don’t address website abandonment problems as they happen, the SeeWhy Conversion Manager recaptures website abandoners in real-time by:

  • Analyzing your website data
  • Triggering automated email and social media follow-ups to initiate personalized, multi-stage remarketing campaigns
  • Delivering detailed reports on your abandonment statistics and conversion success rates
  • By combining the intelligence of website analytics with the rapid response capabilities of SeeWhy’s unique real-time event processing architecture, SeeWhy Conversion Manager is proven to recover up to 50% of website abandoners. As a result, SeeWhy Conversion Manager provides one of the highest and most easily attainable ROI’s of any online marketing initiative, generating 10 times the revenue of traditional email marketing campaigns.

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