Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is the trusted source for Selenium-based software and services that accelerate the agile web development test process. Cofounded by the original creator of Selenium, Sauce Labs is a leader in the global Selenium community. Selenium is broadly used by web development teams at companies like Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and With Sauce’s extended Selenium-based software, agile developers can be productive quickly, easily executing functional web application testing across all major browsers. Sauce supports Selenium testing on Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera on Windows and Linux.

The company’s flagship product is Sauce OnDemand, a cloud service that allows users to execute their Selenium scripts in parallel across 10 of today’s most popular browsers. Sauce OnDemand eliminates the overhead in setting up and maintaining test environments and does so at a fraction of the cost, on a pay-per-use basis. Finally, for companies looking to gain technical suppport, patches and indemnification for their Selenium deployments, Sauce Labs offers a variety of direct support packages.

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