Sales Cycle

SaleCycle enables businesses to track and recover abandoned carts, by automatically retargeting customers who drop out part way through the checkout process.

SaleCycle integrates with your online checkout to capture a customer’s email address, name and abandoned items from their checkout. It then uses these details to populate and dispatch a recovery response automatically, following a set period of time after the customer abandons. This response then links the customer back to their checkout to complete the sale.

SaleCycle also collates information relating to the performance of your checkout and presents these in the Live Campaign Dashboard. This includes details of direct and recovered sales, abandonment rate, abandoned items and conversion rate which are all updated in real-time. Fully optimized for mobile, SaleCycle enables you to keep track of all the stats on-the-go – compatible with all smartphone devices including iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy.

The platform works as Software as a Service (SaaS) providing you with flexible access to your campaigns and results.

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