Phone Tracking & Analytics by seOverflow

So you wanna track phone calls eh? Easy enough my friend. There are some excellent call tracking platforms out in the world including IfByPhone, Mongoose Metrics, VoiceStar and more. We’ve researched a ton of them and while they all had their upsides, each had a downside as well that was hard for either seOverflow or our clients to stomach. In order to solve most of these issues, we went and developed our own phone call tracking program based on the Twilio Web Service API for phone applications. Features that were important to us that were hard to find together in a single call tracking application were:

  • affordable for most clients
  • ability to port numbers in and out
  • integration with Google Analytics for conversion tracking
  • call recording
  • email alerts when a call was made
  • showing the ‘real’ phone number in the code to help with local search
  • easy to implement
  • ability to track only non-branded organic search traffic
  • and more!

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