Next Analytics

Build Custom Dashboards in Excel. Join the 1000’s of users who discovered how to make dashboards Faster to Build, Easier to Maintain, Easier to Refresh. Don’t send web analytics metrics to business users. Convert web data into something they understand and need including: trends, patterns, and outliers, and compare current to prior periods, multi-site, multi-fan page, multi-profile, budgets to actuals.

Next Analytics offers a superior way to build and deploy custom analytics reports

  • Runs inside Excel – no need for import
  • Industrial quality queries and pre-built widgets let you assemble custom reports
  • Re-usable dashboards for multi-site
  • You have complete control over how it looks, even add your own logo!
  • Zero-touch fully automated data refreshes
  • We offer full service and support. You can build your own or you can ask us to build it for you.

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