Net Renderer

Originally primarily as a technology demonstration of our virtual file server solutions intended, we have decided to make this service available to the public. Besides the use as a proofing tool for Web designers can NetRenderer for loading times tests are used (the server has a 100 Mbps Internet connection), to test the LAN, whether an internal Web server is reachable from the outside, to the review of geo-effects (the server is in Germany).

In NetRenderer runs for each version of Internet Explorer, a separate, virtual Windows machine. Achieve the most faithful representation, we try not to force any tricks with multiple versions of IE on a common Windows platform. A proprietary C # application controls the parallel processing of rendering jobs and finally generates the screenshots. A front-end server provides for error handling, together with sets of overlay display the images and stores log files and statistical data in an SQL database. For security reasons, Java and ActiveX is blocked, JavaScript is allowed. All machines will automatically receive important updates from Microsoft, they should always be up to date.

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