At the heart of the ClickPath solution is a break-through, patent-pending DNI technology that links the call data to the originating keywords and ad sources. ClickPath assigns a unique toll-free number to every ad campaign you want to track and provides a simple code to be placed on your website. This number follows visitors throughout their navigation of your site. When visitors call the unique toll-free number, ClickPath captures that call data and matches it to the ad source, keywords, and referring domain.
ClickPath’s Online-to-Offline Ad and Conversion Tracking Solutions do not require any hardware or software installation, and will provide you with a multitude of easy to use reports that will allow you to maximize your marketing budget to its fullest potential.
Not only does ClickPath provide you with the knowledge you will need to maximize your advertising, but we also provide industry leading support to offer assistance whenever you might need it.

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