Apptus eSales is a unique platform that achieves measurable results by adding real intuition to selling on your site. You’ll instantly notice the uptake because Apptus eSales does what your dream salesperson would do. It pays attention to your customers without bothering them. It finds out what they like. It’s self-learning and remembers everything they’ve done. Then it puts it all together instantly to make offers and present your range in a way that generates a greater incentive to buy. If your site doesn’t have Apptus eSales, it’s not selling as much as it could.


Say hello to Convertasaurus. It’s a new tool that has just been launched by the Scottsdale-based internet marketing firm, SpyFu. Mike Roberts, Founder & President of SpyFu, has compiled copious amounts of information regarding what specific keywords perform better when placed in an ad situation. For instance, if you were trying to sell a product through an internet ad, does “low cost”, or “inexpensive” render itself to more clicks? With the help of Convertasaurus, you can perform a face-off between two phrases, and quickly determine which one you should be using.

Sales Cycle

SaleCycle enables businesses to track and recover abandoned carts, by automatically retargeting customers who drop out part way through the checkout process.

SaleCycle integrates with your online checkout to capture a customer’s email address, name and abandoned items from their checkout. It then uses these details to populate and dispatch a recovery response automatically, following a set period of time after the customer abandons. This response then links the customer back to their checkout to complete the sale.

SaleCycle also collates information relating to the performance of your checkout and presents these in the Live Campaign Dashboard. This includes details of direct and recovered sales, abandonment rate, abandoned items and conversion rate which are all updated in real-time. Fully optimized for mobile, SaleCycle enables you to keep track of all the stats on-the-go – compatible with all smartphone devices including iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy.

The platform works as Software as a Service (SaaS) providing you with flexible access to your campaigns and results.


The most advanced analytics platform ever for mobile and the web. The most flexible way to slice & dice your data. And it’s real-time.

  • Segmentation: The most flexible way to slice and dice your data. And it’s real time.
  • Funnel Analysis: The most flexible, easy-to-use, and beautiful way to improve your conversions.
  • Retention: Visitor retention is the best way to tell how valuable your application is.
  • Integration: It takes less than 10 minutes and is incredibly simple.

Bright Tag

BrightTag helps you manage any kind of tag and even remove third-party tags altogether. Improve your ability to leverage data for marketing efforts by gaining transparent control over the data collection process.

  • Capture a complete set of data from your website or application in real time via the Data Dictionary
  • Unify data across multiple marketing and analytics services
  • Protect your consumers’ preferences around behavior advertising data collection withBrightTag ONE-Click Privacy

Manage all of your marketing services — from analytics to retargeting, and everything in between — from one place.

  • Instantly turn on third-party service providers from a growing catalog of partners
  • Share any data from your site with partners with point-and-click ease
  • Speed up page performance by replacing third-party tags with real-time Server-Direct integration (what’s this?)

Continuously adjust your partnerships and programs to optimize how you engage your customers and spend your marketing dollars.

  • “Plug-and-play” integration for an industry that is constantly changing
  • Always know what services are active on your site
  • Effortlessly connect data between different channels



  • Developed for marketers by marketers
  • Reduce IT barriers and take back control of tags
  • De-duplicate conversions to re-negotiate CPA deals
  • Accurate media attribution to reduce media waste
  • Re-targeting to increase ad relevance & cut-through
  • Heat maps and testing to improve conversion rates
  • Live testing, tag monitoring and alerts to reduce risk
  • Fair and simple platform pricing structure
    • – Basic, advanced, premium (usage brackets)
    • – Implement now, pay on first usage only
    • – Implementation and consulting included
    • – We want clients to use the platform & succeed

Tag Commander

Being compatible with all the tags on the market with a library of pre-loaded tags of more than 90 solutions, Tag Commander SITE is the ideal daily partner for the online marketing teams.

The launch of a new solution is done in a few minutes and the autonomy given to the marketing teams by the remote tag management through the Tag Commander interface allow them a complete control to meet the deadlines.

The site performance optimization and the search for incremental revenue becomes the main goal.


We’ve developed OpenTag to meet the demands of all leading enterprises. The product set is comprehensive, featuring Container Tag, Universal Tag, CPA De-Duplication and Cookie Consent. Whilst these products are pretty much the norm in Tag Management circles, the real OpenTag difference lies in our approach to creating an exceedingly flexible, developer-friendly and ‘Enterprise class’ solution.

OpenTag is runs on an open source data model. This means our code is completely stable and yours to customize. It also means that, unlike our competitor’s products, you won’t be locked into our solution or burdened with heavy transfer costs should you wish to re-platform.


If you own or manage a website and it has ever taken you longer than one minute to put a tag on your site, tag management is for you. Satellite enables you, in a matter of minutes, to do work that used to take weeks, and empowers nontechnical people to manage the tools they depend on for insight.

With Satellite, you can easily manage your analytics, media, and other tags, and oversee your tracking rule sets across all of your sites, whether you have two, 200, or 2,000 domains. Satellite greatly simplifies the management of rollup analytics suites, and ensures all of the data gets to the right place.