Our passion has been the bread and butter of the web – the pages that hold the content, interaction, and links from which the web is constructed. e have built BO.LT to help turn the pages of the web into “Social Objects” that can be remixed and shared to be, well, less boring.

You are a key part of the process. Grab the pages that interest you. Cut out what is distracting, corporate, and irrelevant. Drop in images and text that can make the page come alive again. And share what you have done. Content wants to move in the social world. Give it a boost. We have created software that helps *you* make the web more interesting to the people you care about. With BO.LT we have taken the shackles off. It’s your turn. Why just send a link? Why not send a message.


Baynote Conversion Multiplier: Multiply the value of ecommerce investments and drive conversion rates higher than ever

Baynote is the only personalization platform that understands and acts on buyer intent in real time across all of your customer touchpoints, from landing pages to product and content recommendations, search results, email, chat, offers, social, mobile and more. It extracts more value from existing online commerce investments to deliver game-changing increases in conversion rates.

Instead of throwing more money at disconnected, partial solutions, use Baynote to integrate the systems you already own with new personalization capabilities—and create an ecommerce platform that can deliver an order of magnitude increase in revenue.


Autonomy’s Revenue Optimization, powered by IDOL, provides the most comprehensive, end-to-end offering for realtime revenue optimization, including increasing clickthroughs for online ads, improving customer engagement on a site, optimizing call center scripts, and maximizing email subscriptions.

Marketers leverage Autonomy’s self-serve or managed offerings to drive more effective business decisions, streamline marketing operations, and maximize profitability.

Delivered hosted or on-premise, Autonomy Optimost brings the industry’s most advanced analytics, pattern-matching, targeting, and optimization capabilities under a single platform. This enables marketers to automatically identify and execute the most optimal marketing strategy based on a deep understanding of customer interactions across any channel.

Ask Your Target Market

We give you the tools to write surveys and send them to your ideal target market segment of our proprietary US consumer panel, or to your own list. We deliver your responses in a matter of hours and help you to understand the data.

Until now, reliable market research was out of reach for almost everyone except corporate giants. Not only was research expensive and time-consuming, it required in-house or outside expertise to develop, analyze and present in a way that everyone could understand and act on.

AYTM’s break-through technology and proprietary, nationwide consumer panel have changed all that. Now companies of all types can access powerful, state-of-the-art market research using our turnkey, easy-to-use and affordable online system.

Now, you can make confident business decisions based on facts and consumer insight.

ATG Optimization

ATG Optimization is an integrated set of on-demand commerce optimization solutions designed to help online businesses confidently grow revenue, improve the customer experience, and unlock profits and insight. With just a few lines of code, you can add ATG Optimization solutions to your existing website and other online channels to instantly and measurably improve key performance indicators like abandonment rates, conversion rates, customer satisfaction levels, and service handle times.


Amadesa combines easy to use testing and relevancy targeting solutions with the power to deliver the highest possible ROI.

A/B Testing: A/B testing is the fastest way to determine which content elements
resonate best with your site traffic. Typically, A/B testing consists of
showing alternative images, banners, copy and text, colors, element
positioning, or in some cases, showing different pages all together.

Multivariate Testing: For higher-traffic sites with many opportunities to increase conversions, Multivariate testing (MVT) could be the best option. MVT allows marketers to test several elements on a page, and identify the winning combination of creative variations within each element. With MVT, you no longer have to guess which combinations might work. Instead, you can rely on a statistical model and automated content-generation processes to find the right answer.

Adobe Test &Target

Omniture® Test&Target™ is now Adobe® Test&Target™, powered by Omniture®. Adobe Test&Target gives marketers a site conversion optimization tool with the necessary capabilities to continually make their online content and offers more relevant to their customers—yielding greater conversion. Test&Target provides an intuitive interface for designing and executing tests, creating audience segments and targeting content—all from a single application. Adobe Test&Target is part of the Adobe® Online Marketing Suite of applications for online business optimizations.

Adobe Browser Lab

Adobe® BrowserLab is an online service that helps ensure your web content displays as intended. Accurately preview web pages across multiple browsers and operating systems, navigate links, and use diagnostic tools to optimize websites efficiently.

Accurately pinpoint browser compatibility issues, compare web pages, and preview full screenshots with multiple view options and customizable test settings. Speed up testing processes by quickly generating screenshots of your web pages and using powerful diagnostics tools. Work seamlessly with the Firebug extension for Firefox. Cut down testing costs associated with hardware, virtualization, and maintenance.

Accenture Digital Optimization

Customer relevance is the key to customer intimacy. But with so much data and so much at stake, how do you become relevant to your customers? And that number is only growing. Our Marketing Analytics group helps companies harness raw data to drive real-time, insightful decision making into marketing investments.

Accenture Interactive has developed the platforms and programs that combine the science of data with the art of social media so you can identify trends that accurately predict behavior that turn browsers into buyers … and turn buyers into lifelong fans.