Lead Pages

LeadPages™ Is The Easiest Way To Create Mobile Responsive Landing Pages, Launch Pages, Sales Pages, and Other “Conversion Pages” (Also, We’re 100% Facebook Compatible). Publish Your Landing Page To Facebook, WordPress Or Your Own Server
With The Click Of A Button. With LeadPages™ Your Pages Will Work On iPhones, iPads, And Android Devices Effortlessly.


Every business needs to convey their message and benefits in an attention grabbing and engaging way. The added level of abstraction created by using cartoons allows a viewer to experience benefits of using a product before they ever laid hand on it. The process of creating an animated presentation of your product or service has – until now – been a cost and time intensive process (starting at $2,000 and going up to $25,000 for a 90 second animated presentation). PowToon is disrupting this space by providing marketers and businesses with the tool and marketplace to create their own awesome Powtoons.


Improve business operations and ensure performance and availability of web and mobile services. Rigor enables organizations to improve service quality and customer retention by monitoring the user experience of business applications and proactively alerting as soon as issues occur.

Persuasion API

PersuasionAPI helps you understand your customer’s buying behavior. So you know how to persuade them on an individual level. Thereby increasing the chance of conversion for each customer individually. Every time.

Know what persuaded them to buy, who bought, which pattern they followed, where they clicked, and how to recommend your products on an individual level through profiling. Across all of your sales channels.


This site can help answer the questions about where your site’s content will show up for different percentages of the world’s internet browsers.

Based on data gathered from millions of internet users, the graphics on this site will help you lay out content accordingly.

The percentages on the screen indicate the percentage of the world’s desktop Internet users that are you will cover at that viewport size (not screen resolution), taking into account window size, toolbars, and so forth.


Avail for Point-of-Sale and Avail for Email enables you to replace all static product promotions with personalized banners whose content adapt to the actions and preferences of each visitor. Landing pages that tailor the product range to the search phrase used, personalized search results and category pages, and personalized cross-sells based on preferences and items in the cart are just some examples. You can also use it in mobile and tablet stores, emails, call centers, coupons, and digital retail displays.


Monoloop is a cloud based service enabling you to easily implement behavioural targeting on any existing website. The service is system agnostic and does not require any integration. It can be easily activated within minutes.

Monoloop enables you to:

  • Differentiate your content for different types of website visitors.
  • Build personas and segments based on scores calculated from your own goals.
  • Connect the entire Monoloop visitor profile with information from your backend systems.
  • You can merge behavioural data from Monoloop with any of your backend customer profiles (e.g. CRM, CMS and Email marketing platforms) which effectively extends all profiles in real time.