AdQuants provides you with the competitive intelligence to better understand your competition and improve your PPC results. AdQuants offers consulting services to further draw out strategic insights from the pay-per-click information that we capture and analyze. We apply structure and frameworks to make sense of the information and apply analytics to develop strategic business insights.

AdQuants can help you answer the following questions:

  • Who is your competition?
  • How is the competition targeting your customers?
  • How can you identify and target more prospects?
  • Are you outspending or underspending your competition?
  • Should your company focus on PPC or SEO?


Advanse is the leading provider of turnkey Digital Marketing Automation solutions for performance driven companies. Our scalable digital marketing programs help enterprises create new revenue opportunities, increase ROI and reduce administration costs. Advanse was founded under a different name – AdBean – in 2008 with a different approach to the market.

Today we are Advanse, a business solutions company that helps you solve complex marketing problems through technology and automation. Three years later, we’re still committed to making digital advertising simpler for the ones who need it — only now Advanse can help you achieve even more, with less investment. Automation is faster, cheaper, and more powerful than current methods in practice today. And with it, we’re taking digital advertising – and your business – to a whole new level. Advanse now!

Concept Feedback

Get website feedback and increase conversion rates. Expert analysis detailed recommendation and solutions you can implement today. Detailed analysis from experienced design, usability, and strategy professionals. Prioritize feedback and share your website evaluation with your team or client. Join our growing community of 11801 and share your ideas.

Concept Feedback provides you with step-by-step advice to increase conversion rates and generate more revenue. Keep your project moving with quick, actionable website feedback that you can use immediately. Create a more efficient design that better communicates your message to your customers. Too close to a project? Our experts offer an objective, third-party analysis of your website. We also review landing pages, mockups, wireframes, applications and interfaces.