Analytics ToolKit

Unique Google Analytics Tools

Many of the tools in this Toolkit are without equivalent. Even when some of the things they do can be accomplished manually through the Google Analytics interface they are unrivalled in terms of work speed and ease of use. Not to mention that some of them will allow you to use Google Analytics in ways that you can’t unless you use the Google Analytics API, for example our Cost Data Import Tool.

Hyperdog Media

Hyper Dog Media is a professional Search Engine Optimization Agency located in Denver, Colorado. We help small, medium and large organizations gain increased ranking and qualified targeted traffic. Our SEO Services are a cost effective way to secure quality customers – customers that are searching for your website right now. We help increase your website’s:

  • Accessibility: Search Engines must be able to view the pages of your website.
  • Relevance: Use phrases your customers are searching for, in the right places.
  • Popularity: Your site needs descriptive links from quality traffic sources.

Blog Mutt

BlogMutt provides blog content for small or niche blogs using a crowd of writers. For more, please check out our FAQ. Here’s how it works:

  • First we’ll ask you about your site and your keywords.
  • Next our writers will look at your site and your keywords, and write posts based on those.
  • Then you’ll pick your favorite from a list of posts written just for you.


usabiliTEST is a technology company, conceived by a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA), who saw a need to empower web developers and designers alike. Using usabiliTEST’s tools to collect relevant user data, can help you make critical decisions and lay a solid foundation for your web site’s information architecture and design.

Card sorting can help you build the structure for your web site, decide what to put on the home page, and label the home page categories. It also helps to ensure that you organize information on your site in a way that is logical to your users. User-centric design increases customer satisfaction, which often leads to repeat business.

Task Prioritization Matrix is a useful technique you can use with your current or potential customers or with your team members to achieve consensus about an issue. The Matrix helps you rank tasks by a frequency and importance criteria. Then you can more clearly see which issues are the most important to work on solving first.

Switch Video

Switch Video is a video animation company. In the last year alone, we’ve produced hundreds of simple explainer videos that “explain what you do”. Our video marketing services are utilized by medium-sized business to global corporations to simplify their product offerings. We take your message and our animated video production process delivers it in under 2 minutes in an engaging and compelling format. & OneLink

OneLink is a platform that completely automates the website translation process. OneLink connects to your website and creates a proxy version, which we will then localize into any language you need. This process eliminates the file and project management for many tasks related to website translation including:

  • Determining what files to translate
  • Extracting that content from your web server, CMS, or database
  • Sending those files to the translation vendor, or in-country partners
  • Coordinating your review of the translations
  • Receiving the translated web files and posting them in the appropriate place on your web server, or CMS
  • Performing functional QA of the website before it goes live
  • Monitoring the English site for maintenance and repeat the above process for new content

OneLink practically eliminates all of your team’s time spent on these activities.

Writing Assistance, Inc.

When you need a technical writer, instructional designer, medical writer, editor or marketing communications writer, the experts at Writing Assistance Inc. (WAI) are the solution.

You Need a Writer. We Deliver.

  • Writers on-site or remote – Our network contains thousands of writers across the country, including writers in your backyard.
  • Fast, expert service – Our team understands your needs and can get you working with your new writer in just 2-3 days.
  • Experienced in your industry – Our writers craft expert communications in fields including finance, software, high tech, manufacturing, medical, engineering, marketing and more.
  • Contract, contract-to-hire or direct hire – We find writers to meet your specific needs.
  • Competitive rates – WAI matches you with the right writer for your project at the right price.

TuningEngine by SiteTuners

Non-parametric tuning is the most powerful landing page optimization method available. SiteTuners is the only company to offer non-parametric tuning via its TuningEngineSM technology, which is designed for very large tests in high-traffic environments. This proprietary method is available from SiteTuners as part of a full-service landing page optimization engagement, or through technology licensing for interactive agencies or companies that want to run in-house landing page testing programs.

It routinely handles tests with over 1,000,000 possible site versions (“recipes”). This allows the client to test all important website elements at once, instead of having to wade through a series of smaller tests to get results. Variable interactions are also handled by this method – leading to the best possible conversion improvements.

TuningEngineSM engagements proceed in two stages. During the Tuning Stage the TuningEngineSM zeroes-in on which recipe is the best performing one. After finding the needle-in-a-haystack this recipe is designated as the “challenger”. In the Challenge Stage we simply conduct a head-to-head test of the challenger against the original site (also called the “baseline”). There is no client involvement required during the test. You simply get the right answer at the end, along with the supporting audit trail.