8Seconds Real Time Image Optimizer

Testing of email campaigns is a proven method to increase ROI. 8Seconds Optimizer optimizes the images (calls to action, offers, promotions, header images, banners, buttons, etc.) in your email.

  • shows different images to different recipients that open their email
  • measures statistically and in real time which image is the most successful in terms of clicks or conversion
  • 8Seconds Optimizer automatically shows this best image (or combination of images) to the next recipients that still have to open their email at that moment in time.

The first people that open the email will be the testers so that remaining people only see the optimized version. Testing the content and presentation of your email campaigns with 8Seconds Optimizer is:

  • easy, thanks to the web based tool compatible with all email broadcasting platforms
  • fast, thanks to the 8Seconds fast learning and actively adapting content technology
  • cost-effective, thanks to the pay-as-you-use pricing model and the guaranteed increase of ROI

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