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  • Mar 17

    Mobile User Experience: Combining Mobile and Brick-and-Mortar Can Keep Your Customers from Browsing Away

    When more than 60% of users use the in-store Wi-Fi to compare prices or to find deals and product reviews, the competition for shopping experience between mobile ecommerce and brick-and mortar intensifies. One way to reduce leakage to other mobile ecommerce sites is to develop a combined mobile...  Read More

  • Oct 25

    How to Design a Mobile Responsive Website

    Roger Schultz on Flickr To build a mobile site or not to build a mobile site; this is a question at the forefront of many a discussion. There is, however, another option: responsive web design. When, why, and how should you go about designing a responsive website? With mobile internet...  Read More

  • Jul 21

    Creating Gesture Guidelines for Tablets, Part 2

    A participant during the Guessability StudyHow do you come up with the right gesture for an app or a game? If there is no precedent, then you’re on your own. Here I’ll discuss a 4-step method that’ll allow you to create gestures for specific actions, with validation from end-users.In the...  Read More

  • Jul 19

    Creating Gesture Guidelines for Tablets, Part 1

    Apple’s multi-touch iPad.Apple.comThe tablet device market is growing rapidly, with the likes of Samsung, HP and RIM attempting to topple the iPad’s dominance. Yet, with sales expected to top 140 million in 2014, there are no guidelines for gestural tablet interaction that span both...  Read More

  • Jun 07

    iPad App Dos and Don’ts

    The Nielsen Norman Group took another look at iPad app usability.If you’ve spent any time with an iPad, chances are you’ve experienced some level of frustration when getting to know a new application (app). The excitement of a new download might peel away if you see a splash screen—perhaps...  Read More

  • Apr 28

    UX London 2011 In Review

    One of the biggest UX events of the year recently came and passed. Were you there? In case you weren’t, we’ve compiled a two-part writeup sharing all that we learned. Here’s our summary of this year’s UX London event.To help report from the front lines, I recruited local, Boston-based...  Read More

  • Mar 22

    Considerations for Mobile Design (Part 3): Behavior

    This is a continuation of our series, Considerations for Mobile Design. You may also like to read Part 1: Speed, and Part 2: Dimensions. How do users behave different on touch-based interfaces, and how can you start implementing new gestural actions into your mobile web products.As we conclude our...  Read More

  • Mar 01

    Considerations for Mobile Design (Part 2): Dimensions

    This post is a continuation of our series, “Considerations for Mobile Design“. You can read Part 1: Speed, here. How are our layouts affected by the (usually) small screen sizes of mobile devices? How do we serve mobile layouts to specific devices? One of the first choices a designer...  Read More

  • Feb 22

    Considerations for Mobile Design (Part 1): Speed

    How do traditional screen web designs translate on handheld devices? This series aims to identify constraints in mobile web design so we can better serve our users. I remember when I first dabbled in Mobile Web Design. The year was 2006, and hype for the recently announced “.mobi” top...  Read More

  • Dec 21

    User Expectations with Mobile Apps – Catching up with EffectiveUI

    EffectiveUI CEO and president Rebecca Flavin and Anthony Franco, respectively, tell us about their new study.User response to mobile applications depends on several factors —aesthetics, usability, and brand loyalty, to name a few. However, researchers at EffectiveUI recently underwent a study to...  Read More

  • Dec 07

    The Power of Multi-touch

    The Wild West of AppvilleThe mobile app frontier is vastly un-explored; it is the wild west of the new digital media age. New boundaries are being formed, new territories are being explored and yes, people are making huge amounts of money (sometimes legitimately and sometimes, not so much). So if...  Read More