Stop Protect-IP and SOPA

Nov 16
This is not a typical conversion optimization article from VisitorCentric. However, as the co-founder of VisitorCentric and a huge supporter & participant in tech start-ups, I’d like to make people aware of the Protect-IP and SOPA bills being proposed in Congress. I along with many others, believe that these bills could be very damaging to the future of the Internet, entrepreneurial innovation and many of the websites we all enjoy visiting everyday. Make no mistake, I’m not condoning piracy and copyright infringement in any way. However, the proposed bills, by nature of their loose wording, are extremely dangerous. These bills could drastically affect you (intentionally or unintentionally) if you’re an online marketer, ¬†own/operate a website, own domain names or are an entrepreneur. Below is a video and a few excellent articles summarizing what the bills consist of, as well as a quick way to tell your congressmen that they should not support the bills and why. Spend just a few seconds of your time and let your voice be heard. PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.