Theatre of the Mind

Radio people talk about theatre of the mind a lot. And they should! It would be better if they used the strategy as much as they talk about it, but it’s an important concept nonetheless. Here’s the late, great Stan Freberg’s explanation: And if you’re interested, compare these two scenes, one as a radio drama, […]

Infographic: How To Turn Browsers Into Buyers

browsers into buyers cro

98% of website visitors don’t convert. That’s right. On average, only 2% of your website visitors convert and drive your online revenue. Imagine if you could increase that number just a little bit. You could potentially increase your online revenue by 50 to a 100 percent or more. But too many people think conversion rate optimization is testing different button colors on landing pages. In reality, it’s so much bigger than that. If you want to better understand the powerful process that it takes to increase your conversion rate, then you’ll love this infographic. It’s a simple visual that will…

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6 steps to creating high-converting native ads

Reaching your target audience and gaining traction and interest with native ads is far more complex than simply slapping up an ad that will integrate with a medium. Make sure your native ads are working for you. With the threat of ad blocking, creating native ads the right way is growing in importance. According to […]

How to Use Email Automation to Boost eCommerce Conversions

email automation

It’s not every day that marketers use the words “email” and “CRO” in the same sentence. After all, most email marketing strategies for eCommerce are mainly focused on sending newsletters, promotional emails, transactional emails, and maybe even cart abandonment messages. If you’re really savvy, you might even be sending post-purchase emails to leverage the traffic you already converted in the hopes that those shoppers will come back to buy more. But here’s the thing: When you focus your email marketing efforts solely on the end of your sales funnel, you’re actually neglecting the majority of your site traffic. That’s traffic…

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Glossary: Bandit Testing

what is bandit testing

A term used to describe test methods or algorithms that continuously shift traffic in reaction to the real-time performance of the test. Also known as “multi-armed bandit testing”, the name is derived from the behavior of casino slot machine players who often play several machines at once in order to optimize their payout. Rather than stay with a single machine, the gambler will often play some percentage of the time on several other nearby machines. In this way, the new “hot” machine can be identified without leaving the original machine behind. When used in website testing, bandit testing represents a…

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