Glossary: Influencer Marketing

glossary Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the activity of engaging with influential people in order to obtain press and/or get content disseminated to large audiences. Influencer marketing leverages the influence or reach of leaders in a particular industry, field, or even sub-culture. For example, a renowned surgeon is an influencer in the field of medical science and an athlete is an influencer in the sports/fitness industry. Companies encourage relevant influencers to recommend their products or services to their followers. Examples of Influencers Marketing An example of influencer marketing is the promotion of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books. Millions of people have read them…

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How Emotional Motivators Can Drive Authentic Brand Growth

drive authentic growth

We all remember what happened when Apple CEO Steve Jobs passed away, hundreds of thousands of people voluntarily lined up outside of Apple stores, flowers in hand. They were mourning the loss of a great tech visionary but also paying tribute to the creator of a brand that they felt a deep emotional connection to. Apple doesn’t just have a bigger market share than Microsoft (at least, with smartphones), it pulls at the heartstrings of millions of consumers. It is true that supplying helpful information to customers will reduce buying risks and add practical value, but what’s more powerful is…

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Glossary: Marketing Automation

marketing automation

Marketing Automation is a tool, or a suite of tools, that enables the automation of repetitive tasks across several channels. This includes email marketing, social media, customer segmentation, A/B testing and website personalization. Using an all-in-one tool, or a stack of several marketing tools together, marketers can automate several activities to scale their efforts and focus on more hands-on initiatives. The Benefits of Marketing Automation Marketing automation allows businesses, both small and large alike, to run complex marketing activities with limited resources. It’s a huge time saver, allowing marketers to set up campaigns long before they need to be executed….

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How to Write a Case Study That’ll Make People Love Your Business


Marketers often have a love/hate relationship with case studies. Writing case studies can be nothing short of a chore. They are an incredibly time-consuming task and require tons of scheduling. And when you think about it, why would anyone trust your side of a case study story? Despite that, case studies have their place as a top-performing addition to the content marketing strategy and work wonders in your sales funnel. According to data from Content Marketing Institute, case studies rank as one of the most popular content marketing tactics with 65% of marketers perceiving them as effective. They’re so effective,…

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The Daily Egg Year-End Roundup: Best Posts of 2016


This year we had TONS of great posts that came from our regular contributors as well as industry experts. It’s just hard to remember all the hits! We could dig through Google Analytics and pick out the ones that got the most traffic, but that’s a bit too robotic. And just because a post received a lot of traffic doesn’t mean it’s great – it could’ve just been some SEO luck. So let’s just go with what stood out to us… 1. A Guide To Creating Buyer Personas That Will Improve Your Content Conversion Rates This is really a guide…

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